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Apr 4, 2015|

Saturday April 4, 2015

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time did talk pants and specialty Vance. With the doctors from veterinary referral and emergency center and clarks summit. You can call in with your question is 5708830098. Or 1804370098. And now the ads and specialty events on double BYAOK. Good morning everybody. My name is doctor not cold enough my name surgeon at centenary referral and emergency center and you're listening to present special day that's. I'm joined this morning by doctor Julia it's one of our internal medicine doctors and by a doctor Henneberg. Who is when I'm are emergency clinicians and this is Hannah as first time on the show I'm a caller actually a little nervous but we've all said to relaxer it's going to be fun just a little bit cancer okay. So this is a call in radio show about two veterinary medicine and her pets so if you have some questions feel free to call us here at WI LK. 570883009. Ain't fighting called told free. I'm for those listeners who we found that only three of them Hanna but they are out of state. No 1804370098. For those of you who may just be listening are new to this show. How we are doctors dead arm. From veterinary referral and emergency centers located in south Abington Township sometimes also known as clarks summit. We are 24/7 365 emergency and referral sent her and what that means is that we have emergency medicine Tony. Four hours a day Trenton 65 days a year. For obviously walking emergencies but we also offer any medical center of referral facility and services so that means emergency internal medicine surgery urology cardiology. For us on the phone nuclear medicine service so if you're dog or cat has you know heart problem you can come in and some of employment for a cardiologist. Our internal medicine service does. All things magical and cranes CIA. The list goes on. Obviously surgical services we have two surgeons and our wonderful neurologist doctor bush Yates. We also have a MRI so for those clients who can drive pastor building and say what is that big white pox thing which it's often referred. Two that is our MRI which is on an invaluable instrument for diagnostics. Com well good morning you guys are learning. I wanted to mention as we get going just a couple quick things and then we can launch off hopefully incessant phone calls and also some topics. Just kind of branching off Segway into about neurology discussion. Just let everybody know we do have a neurologist who's trained in medical neurology but also trained in neurosurgery. And both doctor Rachel for real and myself. Has surgeons are trained in doing neurosurgery. So we have really all those facilities and the faculty for. Not only medical neurology says things like known involving. Matt and Joyce Hardin said to talk about but things like head trauma or brain tumors. Things that may be causing problems with balancing inner ear. Seizures. But we also have three people on staff that are capable of dealing heron surgery so when would you do neurosurgery. Things like brain tumors. I'm if you had a dog who had a disk that was potentially pushing on a spinal cord or even ruptured. Into the spinal cord and something very similar to how that happens in humans. So we have three different clinicians can perform that surgery to remove that pressure on the spinal cord and return walking ability. So I just say that because I think a lot of people have started to think a factory it's his famous medical magician when she is but we forget that there's also surgery available. VR EC is coming up on its fifth year anniversary which is tremendous. Norm excited about that we're gonna probably wholesome community events and Doolittle internal party. We've also just been honored. As a finalist for the Pennsylvania governor's award. Which is an immense honor I can tell you right now I don't anticipate we're gonna win because and it's not about winning it's about. I'm just community businesses and businesses that are in the state of Pennsylvania which are phenomenal. I'm shocked at how the businesses are based in the state I didn't even know about but it's really just acknowledgment for. Other community being able to offer job sustained jobs being involved doing things for the community that's been a great honor. And then we have to specific events that are coming up one and it is where holding a yard sale many of you may know that we have fund called the Angel fund. This is a fund where people can go and donate. Funds anything from a dollar to. Whatever you'd like to donate but these are funds that are utilized for patients who come into the hospital and whose parents just may have been having a hard time. I'm at that moment in time they can often be. I'm nominated by their veterinarian or violent and us they have a good long term. History with their veterinarians did medical care. You know we know that there are good parents who have just kind of hit a bad financial. Pick up and said this fund will kick him monetary. I'm proceeds to try and get them through in fact we just recently had if you go to our FaceBook page. Which is very CPA by the way we just had a dog by the name of Gracie. Who came into us she's a one and a half year old. Beautiful dog she's such a sweetheart great parents and she had eaten a foreign body is her second offense. Mom and dad probably six months ago I think reminds me. What endured. Five or six day hospitalization and other hospitals for removing a foreign mice was very second. And it below and be able despite them saying we watch her every millisecond she did it again. Because they just gone through this they really couldn't afford a second time sitting in a fun kicked in for that and Gracie my home. 48 hours later he's doing great so there's a great example. Where they event that we're going to be holding as our yard sale which is I think June 6. And that's something or if you're interested please call a hospital it's 570587. 7777. Essentially what you can do is just let us know that you wanna set up a table and bring some things for sale for just come and you know by some things this is a huge community event we we actually had asked. Unfortunately weather thing that happened last year but this is a great event we've got a huge party in on lots and lots of people showed up to set things up I was shocked there were like. Somebody had brought I think this goes for sale in refrigerator. And closing and we had a big sale and anything and everything so it's just kind of a fun day out hopefully we have nice warm weather and the proceeds 20% of the proceeds will go straight to the end of funds that's a great benefit. And then the final last thing bark in the park for Vieri C is a sponsor of the Scranton wilkes-barre rail riders who I think this season starts just this coming week. Come by may ninth and August 10 we will have. Two days are gonna park and that is basically where. DS for passing mean notes. Oh where the through via our species is going to have a main task is made a bar to the park day which is a data you can go to the ball game. Bring your dogs everybody gets to bring their dogs and watch the game on the lawn and it's we've done a cement two years and arrow and it has been fabulous. So they are that's everything and I wanted to trying to cover before we go into our first break but. Any kind of topics there on the top of your mind and let me just. Sorry guys one last thing it is a car radio show do you call and answer questions 570. 8830098. Think I have anything in particular because getting in the springtime and everybody is gonna be out playing and so I mean we may start seeing more injuries from high speed things I didn't running outside Indiana we had a lot of play. A lot of dog fights or things of the dog park and stuff like that so. Great now I see one of the things and I'll bring that topic up which is mean and make his nominal launch ever tears immediately knew doctor Byrd benefited it is Easter. And there are sounds really well known toxins for both cats and dogs and people. You know those people who know about things like Lilly toxicities for cats. But they don't probably realize some of the toxicity is for dogs and there's a common so common ones candy and chocolates and comes back. You know it's doctor Bert is an emergency doctor you deal with these had gone so any kind of comments you wanna just make about. Pay for parents just thinking forward to trying to protect. Protect their baby in half wolf like you said for cats one of the big runs we see around this time is Lilly is and it's. Lots of different species and lilies can potentially affect them and you usually see it causing. Kidney failure so. That's in the big one that we see for cats as far as dogs. I'm a lot of times around the holidays you kind of mentioned the chocolate is one of the biggest ones especially around Easter Valentine's Day things like that. So those would be kind of the two big ones. For this holiday for shore just. Just to keep out keep an eerie dark. Consists of people now on the Lilly plans is if a flowers at the leaves any part of the Lilly is any part in neat idea yeah. I'd I sort of send out like I don't know what they do you know thing. Just let them go down if you have cast. Do not have really there house and they love for whatever reason I mean that and it really loves to find them could be down and I eat I affirm the ones I've had a lot of times and had won it for what every you really full of just ingested the entire release and play any part of the plant can be Toxics and had to be careful even if they just slipped in the pollen off. Can anything man. Somebody can do at home if they see that occurred or is the recommendations as to get a hold of the emergence yeah that's that's usually their recommendation just call and call us and we can usually guide you and let you know. You know what to do and be able to tell you too if it is something toxic and that I just always encourage people let. You know where they're 24/7 so if you your dog or cat get into something and you don't know if it's toxic and year. Nervous about it even if it's not a you know just give us a call and would be more than happy to guide you. I'm new placing controls and other resource to that you can always reach options do you have a concern at home. But like I said you know who never hesitate to call us so we can help help kind of let you know assists. If it is toxic and then what you should do at home. Spend them you know understanding is lilies are. Quite a potent toxin free pass yup I'm so it's not something to say well you know he's chewing and the only thing seems to be fine. That's why he's kind of hidden toxins that attacks. And you may not in fact I eighth unforced even have experienced some clients and patients who have come in four days later yeah that's from the cast showing that there sack. Yeah it's pretty quick and transaction. As good as. Cause I mean tell them your time and usually doesn't solve the Twain for hours of them actually ingesting as though things are showing. I'm kidney failure. And I geely you know sooner and we couldn't see the pet and potentially induce vomiting and get that material out of there's a that it can't be broken down and absorbed. That the quicker the better so it isn't time sensitive thing that's why just encourage if you had. Any questions are you even think that pat potentially got it you know pick up that phone because waiting to the next day could be really harmful again you know even. For myself for doctor Koran the two surgeons at the hospital. And I am not suggesting that these things aren't serious I consider things like Lilly Lilly toxicity or other. You know sort of the plan toxicity is to be something more severe because they can kind of be just a cult issue. But we can't forget the Nieminen dogs and cats more dogs you know there's plastic eggs that they're gonna actually true and I don't think there's any doctors at the hospital better never we're always amazed that you know dogs will. Eat a basket I whole basket of chocolates from rappers and all he's Uighur masculine. I've had taken out surgically sure so these are all things it can poking and prodding cause problems obstructions. And so just you know everybody be cautious at this time here. Again if you are worried if your pet has eaten something the AST CAA has poison control how poison control. On the there's that's fees for error. Consulting let them but they are very reliable and they do a lot of research and they how a lot of document information. I'm their phone number is one key need heat court she's 64435. And they can certainly help you out and basically you called land held and what's going on and they will get you information as well as kind of what to do if you have to being they may refer you to. You know good cheer veterinarian or go to emergency center as soon as you can. They'll give you a case number and when you've presented Q&A very ER doctors. The ER doctor will called poison control they can get all the information and recommendations and things like that I'm and that's not something our. Familiar way. It's a great resource it is a great resource so Leyland tell make sure we repeat the number one we come back from break but just every night you're listening to present specialty that's on the B I'll OK it is a call in shows would you call back after the break with your questions. 570883009. Game will be video again just a moment. You were listening to pets and specialty vets. With the doctors from veterinary referral and emergencies centering clarks summit. On double BYA okay. Welcome back everybody my name is doctor a cold another one of the surgeons a veterinary referral and emergency center and meet our. Here with doctor Julie it's from my internal medicine service and doctor Hamburg from our emergency service. You're listening to that's a special team that's this is a call in radio show if you have questions about veterinary medicine your pets. Under the I'll cave in number here is 5708830098. Or you can call and told free. At 180437009. Name. Before the break we're just talking about you know. Spraying in some the toxicities that animals get into especially with the Easter. Easter baskets plants that we purchased for the holidays. And some of the other little noxious things like plastic eggs and chocolate send wicker baskets and factory gates if you can can you just give everybody we are talking about the poison control hotlines are number three the SP CA which is something anything gulf penchant how honor refrigerators. Yet so the animal poison control of your AS PC game their phone number is 1888. 1464435. Comment again there's a consultation fees for them but it's it's worth it after that to be able to get the a lot of information. As far as what to expect this player had aids and they have a lot of resources. Management team. And I will say for all listeners out there you know not something you can certainly doom just to check in with some men and I'll tell you whether or nine you know. This is something far more serious than you might have anticipated or maybe not. Even if you end up. Coming to an emergency hospital even if you come to our emergency hospital. And that's a valuable resource to be quite honest almost any emergency centers should be calling ASPCA. Even if it's toxicity that they dealt with a 1001 times we will Austin open up a case report through that. I'm hotlines because. You know let's say that something happens we think take your dog just eat chocolate but then lo and behold next the chocolate where your prescription medications. That's always been kind of that same open case accord and they will let us know what things to. Do you know about you know we can't unfortunate as clinicians even your human doctors can't know about all the toxicity east and so having those resources are amazing. Says that. Real time design my own pets but also want. Because that has been brought to the hospital early this emergency where he's doing internship I. Had to call a lot to cash I pulled seriously case. Even if you do know what they got into an end is something you've seen a thousand times in the Casey knew becomes challenging in this. Not responding to the standard kind of protocol treaty we know love free agent toxins. You have that resource to just being a pick up the phone and use them. Almost like you're having and you know console lists sometimes are so you can just keep using that number is not just you need which is nice and our brains are better online exactly so. Com we do also want to mention. Because there and there was some. I'm very unfortunate I guess I'd say drama but we had a couple for those of you who know about this in the news we had a couple counselor brought into us this week. Two cats that were. Basically kind of being cared for by Griffin pond. And Griffin pond has this wonderful program with PetSmart. In Dickson city where the cats go to Dixon city. I in the PetSmart and people can CDs kitty cats that are up for adoption and often you know file for adoptions there as a pet Smart. There was suppose a gentleman who may have been taunting the cats on Monday. Somebody seemed to have sprayed something on the cast attention on Monday and I think it was on Wednesday when the unfortunate somebody. Kind of attacked cats with some noxious agents and we don't know we're not certain but there's sort of discussion that I might have been some preach for something else we're not sure about. But those two cats were brought into the area C and cared for they actually did very well I wanna make sure everybody. He knows that they did very well they're back with Griffin pond and hopefully gonna be adopted out soon. Luckily most of the injuries were seen professional and doctor. Fergie took care of them as well. Yep I have in the next day and they had a little bit of swelling on their neck just read the chemical is kind of cost an irritation but. Theory eating the next day break in alert we stain there I isn't just made sure they had no. Corneal ulcers which you can see a lot of times a chemical exposure yes something splashes and I like some bleach potentially. And and then just a little bit redness you know we were treating their eyes with some medications. To prevent infection but pills really great and they went happily division contest and hopefully they go to their future homes I think and potentially had homes before all of this happened so hopefully those. I'll continue my couch for them at their very very sweet cast car. I'm them that's good to have and you know hopefully they'll be able to find whoever this person or persons were on him apprehend them because that's. That's sick enough that somebody would do let's actually go into a place like PetSmart men actually do that it's. Pretty want to people out there. The only thing that I a wanted to mention how we can kind of just hit a few topics and obviously everybody out there listening please know it's a call in show call in with your questions any questions in my half by 708830098. Freaking Dell 18043 sevens are as are my name. And don't forget we do have a FaceBook page I'm DR ECPA. And our website is DR ECPA dot com. I'm just good this morning I guess for mentioning lots of stuff but doctor I wanted to mention doctor Sarah Muir is emergency doctor that's been with us. Since the beginning of the hospital she actually came to interview I think the hospital was still coming girders there were no like. Mean when wall set up just yet. But some doctor years from the Philadelphia area and she's actually going to be returning to her. Home city and working in a hospital down there. She's going to be leaving in the middle of April so does have you that are listening that Manhattan next friends were protecting your she is. One of the best who want the sweetest most wonderful people she will always be a member of W WI okay. Not really very C. So we wanted to just make an announcement a shout out to her. And wish her very very well. An in place I'm Derek and probably too many doctors are writing but I can at least announce I doubt she's listening to maybe some do not come on the archives. Recordings that doctor Savannah nick Reynolds will be joining us in July and she's coming to us from Virginia. And she's gonna be without a question and great addition to the hospital some. Terry how we do have done so we have a caller that's calling in Bernie is calling to talk about the cats at that PetSmart miles now. Consumers' Christmas. Good morning Bernie you're on the air with especially that's how REF. Good morning I decided about a few things I type on this very disturbing I have four cats. They restrain her mother was astray except terror and two over kitten there are guys showed up. And I you know become the love the mud is always a dog person in my dog recently passed away even nineteen and a half who would lie. Caller yes I was I was hoping he'd make it to may third this year about not known how long ago he left us in October. But I find this very disturbing. With what's going on I hope. That doesn't deter these channels are being shown because god bless them. Yeah they're probably know the chances are if they're not adopted we all know what happens and to have them inflict it was such cruel fate. Well as what transpired in the pet store this last week is truly. I'm I I'm not either understand that this person has to happen. Some kind of an emotional problem that would be anybody would do something like this either to an animal or person. These could be but. I would hope they cameras and made its pick up of who did this and that he's caught where she's caught. And I don't know I got another thing I was wondering if get that the legislature's I have petition the legislatures are much stronger animal abuse laws I feel. The athlete they use the death penalty doesn't always suit the crime. And unfortunately. It says progressive. Currency not only in our counties are black wanna lose turn. But all over the country all over the world purse say animals are treated horribly. But. Are you ever approached as centenarians by legislatures about opinions on this subject. Or do you ever give up our opinions sure you're right our legislature is on how you feel that we should have probably much stricter. Penalties for people who do this type of heinous crimes. Bernie your comments are are very heartfelt amongst all of us and I really appreciate them. We all thank you and we need you let me kind of go through a couple things because I know there was a that there are no one is we don't know currently. You know what PetSmart has in place for security so we are all we've all had the exact same conversation which is we're really hopeful if there's cameras. We're really hopeful that they have some leads on somebody somewhere and we do all sincerely hope that whoever this person is. Hi is caught and and properly reprimanded. And in the discussion reprimands of we as a group of doctors of the Ares he has. I'm a number of us have been called there subpoenaed to give testimony when we have had. You know cats or dogs have come in under a new situations most recently. You know many of you may know about the gentleman who is just. Convicted. For crimes against all those dogs no climber Reiner case are. Yes I I don't very you know doctor there's so many cases I know I almost hate to go on FaceBook where you see what transpired throughout. The whole area I mean in the country but I am well aware that I do keep up with these because I do right to our legislatures about. Cease these laws and didn't practice right now. Yeah and and all I can say and then please you know. Hannah and she'll say something but. We all need to be able to do that. Every state is different it's shocking sometimes Pennsylvania has some great laws and then in other ways. The laws of Pennsylvania are terribly. Lacks. Come say hi guys all of this is why I think this is going on. Because it's it's basically doctor IE I mean Iraq Cuba a slap on the wrist in the end they hold back a battle terminology. And unfortunately. I can be I'm tired of people you can use the fact that they do well I do believe there emotionally disturbed obviously there's something wrong. And that god forbid what if they do this to an animal is just some visits a human being that blood and inflicted with their. Kind of rage or. Problem. But. I don't believe that you're right our laws are way too lax and I don't know what is preventing stronger. Legislation that's that's tonight question with these. Different people I've written two. Yeah I think it's difficult you know eight in this I don't mean to launch this on us for a tandem but even as doctors for veterinary medicine. He would be shocked at the unfortunate sunny accusations that come to us because people say. You know you're treating an animal and you're asking people to donate 101000 dollars towards this fund and you know you are terrible because this money should be going to a child's. And you get into a lot of philosophical. And you know emotional discussions about. Ku is more worthy it's just an hour and a mall it's just a dumb me. And well now we'd done already took that doesn't know they're two separate entity take you have fundraisers for people sit and obviously the people that would criticize this I would probably states do not or have never owned a pest. Yeah. Yeah he's great. And we may know you know the research has shown over and over and over again that somebody shoot is abusive or even neglect full towards an animal. Is abusive and neglectful toward it's not only children but just humans in general thing and so. In mind mind and heart and I think in all of our minds and hearts efforts should be given to animals because really. It's this is where all in my mind the next best thing to pediatric doctors I mean these are our kids these animals can't speak for themselves. And so I hear you I I hope everybody hears you I do encourage everyone I'm too old you know talk to anyone. In any political. Position to sort of say you know have we not looked at these local and statewide laws can we not do something. Just to make sure that if somebody is. You know convicted. They need to. I can't be penalized not you know here's a hundred dollar fine sigh and ought to let me that yeah we agree faster then my. MO they've really that the early go I really appreciate you giving me this time I'm my great proponent of eight and neutering yes and this cat population is horrendous I had a friend and you know I don't wanna give up the numbers there. They were in a meeting. They work for local telephone operation and how many I believe they said they had statistics on animals that are killed on the hi what are you don't kill the I'm the roads but I believe this statistic you gave me was. 41 million if that. I got a hot area right here. I don't think we'll have to do some research and I can get back with you on the but I mean I I can tell you that in shelters across the country and a unforced savoring just you know we're gonna have to jump to break her a second but. Shelters across the country I think the total population and this is all animals not just say cats. Is around thirteen million maybe slightly while now that's you know animals that are euthanized in shelters situations so there's there's some doubt. They knew there is the best thing you can do freer animal and you know that's silly coping mechanism that we can do yeah well thank you very and thank you for robbery per also providing that funding for people who ask. Moorhead apps let you yeah and thanks for your call burn fat thank you very good thanks thank. We are gonna take a quick break and then when we come back we can kind of launch on discussion all that more as well but you're listening to present special team that's. It is weird you're listening to Donny I'll Canada's and call in shows to do calling on your questions or comments 57088300980. Lead back just a moment. Basically his pants and specialty bats with the doctors from veterinary referral and emergency center in clarks summit and I'm ought to double BYOK. Welcome back everybody listening to that's a specialty that's on the new Kyle okay the number here to call in with any questions or comments. He is 5708830098. Or you can call toll free 1804370098. Come and we have three doctors on the show this morning myself doctor opponents don't know and I am one of the surgeons at the hospital doctor Henneberg who's nonemergency doctors. And doctor Julie it's from our internal medicine service. And we are doctors from veterinary referral and emergency center we are 24/7 365. Emergency and referral hospital. And that means that not only is there always. The ability to walk in with an emergency but you also have. Referral services which are surgery internal medicine. Neurology cardiology and we have a full nuclear medicine service as well as an MRI. We are talking before the break we. And gentleman from Scranton Bernie had called and just talking about you know kind of animal abuse and event that had occurred. This week at PetSmart and Dixon city happy to report those kitty cats are doing fine and we do hope we catch. The people who were involved in this silly just ridiculously. Fast and dare I say stupid thing I mean why would you do that's when animal blood. Bernie's point was in getting a hold of legislators. Talking to them about changing the laws and just sort of having a more firm. Code about you know penalizing somebody and just you know hopefully getting the message out you know the hope is that that would stop people from doing in the first place. But those people who are doing it because there emotionally disturbed or mentally disturbed. You know. I wanna say that they should be. I incarcerated but maybe it might just draw some attention to something that they need for somehow some new now. Call people great letters just and that's the only way the chains and change is gonna happen. And it's always a sad day we get called in to do something in a courtroom. They certainly don't have to do. Anyway all right so. Well let's talk about some topics. We've had. A couple of it's pretty amazing cases in the hospital this past week we had Gracie who we mentioned earlier who was a dog you. Is enforcing a foreign body in jester and it's gotten her into a really big trouble you know usually a foreign body. Surgery is potentially just going in there making it a couple of incisions are removing the object and Don. Crazy and did things in a big dramatic way she beyond the first time mistreated and ends. Different hospitalized she was in the hospital for about 56 days she had very bad what we call her tonight this meaning she was leaking contents into her abdomen. Josh is very sick puppy dog managed to get through that and then lo and behold six months later stated again. I'm once again she this time did she wasn't leaking before we got there but she was leaking as we were there when it was probably good timing but. And we talked about some foreign by injection but I just wanna kind of mention you know when kids come in with. Pilots and golf ball or some of our favorites are like bottle caps and crazy things. You know we do have 22 ways of dealing with that one is it for me. We're fortunate enough and the object is there a shape and size in the stomach and we can use an and the scope which is a fancy instrument I. Doctor Yates is. A magician my it's my word of the day I guess condition. Offensive talk about just kind of batten aspect retrieving some for my is that also what we do it and gossiping. Yes endoscopy is a pretty. Sticky little tool though we have town Indiana also must go under anesthesia. To have endoscopy perform but. They don't have to go through surgery so there. You know they'd they don't have to have an abdominal surgery and have the incision healing time and all that. Thomas endoscopy you're able to have a Manassas ties go in through their mouth down to their stomach and down depending on. What the object is to have several different tools that we can flip through me and Disco. I'm into trying crab or wrap the word. Capture if she. Capture it somehow. And be able to manipulated Powell's back through their esophagus and out of their mouth. And so a lot of time is if we are fortunate to get them early enough to where sellers and assigning. And it's not something too complicated and we can certainly do that and you know most of the dogs there let's be taken out then they're better earnings but then tells us played for hours some of them immediately he. I'm retracted it so. Sort of the fun objects you can think have you retrieved my shares you guys was. And just let people most of this and the scope is a I fiber optic. Instruments same thing we use in humans and so on the end of it there's a camera so we can see them you know that in the end of the two and then there's. A two within the two where instruments are passed in nineteen granddad or from my favorite was. A Bulldog had eaten a corona bottle cap yeah. Then there's just something somehow I don't wanna make light of them you know needing to have this procedure meant there was something funny about getting there it's like. Underwater mystery and then Alison your rise in the stomach and there's this corona the opening cap. Yeah. And I pulled out pacifiers. Haired tirades. I'm pulled out a baby bid from home this big show see that the owners don't even have a baby like it is. The last time the dog had been exposed to a baby is like two months prior at this fourth of July car interesting. And it has been sitting in there the whole entire time. I can think into the premier did learn one must. A dog and then outside the deal owners and they had gone swimming in their era and there is a piece of hot dog around a fish. He just swallow I'm before the owner came to get a hold of it and so we were able to LE NN. You know then obviously the hawkish Sharon and yeah yeah careful not to snack on your way out and ask covered nicely by the hi I'm definitely got an out and yes my day punctuate Hindu there's several official ones that I retrieve. It is there was Lyon and one time last year they had this couple how to party and they I had to retrieve. Shrimp. No bacon wrapped trample on toothpicks. And there were probably like twelve to fifteen of them and the style might you can't get hit and then. It smelled good yeah it did not look very good at nine he says. Buzz light year we've told I've pulled out of my way here from a semi grand time and talent as many as you can see on the X ray. I know doctor Ferguson pulled out of the spider. Hi yes and then intellectually I'm lighter now. Conference that you did see on the entry as well prior to endoscopy so. Oh I actually think that's story and those pictures are on my FaceBook page I have to scroll back and a little bit of time but here they're Smart. So yes I mean endoscopy can be very beneficial and I can help relieve the situation pretty quick and how out of surgery itself and then. I'm just so people now because although we use endoscopy. Too frequently for that there's actually that's kind of like. You know the whipped cream coded way of using endoscopy meaning that's kind of the fun and it's funny instance that I gratification knowing that really that instrument is used for internal medicine service for something far more. I important piece so. The aka Larry bellies are endoscopy. Adam Stern that we do endoscopy is actually dead intestinal biopsies for a lot of patients that have. Police suspect may be underlying GI disease though either inflammatory bowel disease. Of the war in some cases certain types of cancer. We can see an error there intestines and we can get biopsies of the and it helps us get to the answer in the majority of the cases. We have to do ultrasound prior to doing endoscopy just to make sure that endoscopy is daring choice them. But those cases don't actually need surgery to get full thickness by apps easy as we can get. We can't get those full thickness biopsies without. Our scope. We can get partial thickness and so they're great players are. Again I'm ultrasound and the concern me. Move forward with the endoscopy and it's less invasive. Pretty quick recovery a lot of these cases. And I think we've talked about so many times found so many shows that you know Jenna cat or dog that's. Mom anyone so we card twice a month that's not normal. You casts I know we also are I think the cats have like an Olympic team for vomiting but. They really shouldn't be doing and it's not necessarily just her and also if you've got one of those kids at your home. You know I felt clients if you vomit and often you be seeing a doctor to sell. I think that's where they come in NC internal medicine and potentially have endoscopy center an important tool that. Bring to a absolutely. Doctor. Bird let's talk a little bit about potentially some periods in some cases in the last. Pinup couple should she not talking not mentioned for clients things that. You know you want them to know. He outlining. A few that I had recently we starting to see just with the warmer weather. We mentioned earlier just seeing a lot more. Accident outside Seoul and you know unfortunately dogs being hit by vehicles or. Little less dramatic come but still serious you know lacerations of cutting themselves on things on there running around the yard them both you know as the weather gets warm people. I'm wanna take their dogs outside and taken to the dog apparently just you know not always a bad thing but all of we'll see a lot of dogs have been found. Kind of fight to the dog parks are heard in the not in the more recent cases that I've been seen. And then you know Lotta times to an emergency. We see stuff which is neat because we've seen the services all really worked closely together so I make any keys and then I Tracy they came in on my on my watching and they needed meet. He is internal medicine for an abdominal ultrasound and then needed you from the surgery part itself. That's been that's the neat part about the hospitals just everywhere and you know working together and on the services. It's coming together on each of these cases but. And I did the biggest ones are yet but I and then seeing recently is the and the foreign bodies or eating stuff they shouldn't have fun. And then also a lot of the wounds recently from lacerations cutting themselves are being attacked. Yeah into dog fights. You know on and from the surgery service. And I know if this freighter crew as a careless things she's got a smile our face it doesn't so agree about this but some. You know winning comes to activity increase some things that happened whether indeed unfortunate something as horrible as being hit by carbon. You know falls and spills and attacks and broken limbs and things like I'm one of those things I like to tout about very C is. In veterinary medicine and fact and human medicine. For surgeons we have a Montrose that you know a fracture is not considered an emergency. You break a leg it hurts a lot you want it fixed immediately but it's not a life threatening emergency. I will say that even though we are old trained that way and I doctor Craig and I feel very strongly about those kids having surgery as soon as possible so we are often. Unfortunately I'm forced I found at the hostile fixing fractures on you know Saturdays and Sundays. And that's because I just say if it were my kid or if it were me in my leg was broken and you're telling me you got away from say Thursday till Monday your Friday till Monday to have that fixed. I have horrible so one of the things that we do love is kind of getting in there as soon as we can make sure that these these some. Furry kids are made whole again so who. Come and we haven't had actually knock on wood you many fractures he. Yes you know but everybody just be on the you know it's it's I don't know why you guys spent. I can tell everybody so I have to work always he's too little adoptees which if you knew me you'd be shocked to have them that there needs to like to wallow amend. Mixes. And they lost their minds this week and they were outside in our yard I have not seen dogs if dogs could have been like she's howling and what. And running around like many can't you can tell they just lost our minds everybody's just kind favor man. Guys definitely have an as a out like Dotson who hates to go outside. She went outside and was playing and running around and just having a blast them here or whether I don't normally. There again and I love I love to run me and I'll take my lab mix listening. And he just hit it's good and bad as he's got so much pent up energy yes dragon you tell us I haven't. And does everybody need careful you know. I had you know for those people I certainly am very fortunate I don't often put my dog on Lisa's. We have an electric fence and there on the train to. And not that they even needed but you know it's just those times now warrior kind of forgetting in the door opens a fly out the door so but. I didn't win the one. Business that says we hope you never have to use our services but if you doom no you know this is an opportunity elaborate let everybody know where we are and what we're capable of so you need us. We're just happy that we're there. I'm do you wanna actually we've only try to get an a for five minutes but just bringing that topic up about activities and stuff do you wanna talk about like. You know human activities with your pets running and jogging and doing other stuff yeah I used to be aware of. Yes I mean yeah I mean obviously just when you are taking your pet outside trainee. Activities it's nice. You're not in a fenced in yard Herat a dog park or anything like that just. You be careful and you know obviously use deletion. Just to keep their pets safe but. Running as a great activity even just take him out for nice long locks is another great activity there's so many opportunities in this area for hikes. You know that are close I don't have to go far. I'm theirs and I can't remember exactly where it is that the seven times is there really neat little hike Italian I think about three miles round trip. Come on I know that's close by and then the a lack of one a state park just got a whole lot of neat trails there. And then you know just at the swimming is another great activity especially in warmer weather and for me for my lab mix he. Has had some orthopedic issues and so. And fortunately I love running and he loves it but it's not the best for his joints so swimming as a great activity for him he loves it and it's just and it's kind of like for her personal low impact. Activity comes of those are so not my favorite things to do a ten. When the weather's warm. And like everything else you know wish. If I fluffy hasn't I shouldn't say association through this hasn't been running all intern you can't go back to starting on grass hello yeah. Pain they say they ET at camp injury in the heat. And then just be wary of things like he has some dogs. I'm guilty of us I felt so horrible but I want time took my Border Collie. To like this island resort. And there were a whole bunch of us we all have our dogs and we rented bikes in the dog's own brand next to us. Until halfway through there all limping and think well that's been in this is how silly aren't. And you know there paused their pads overall worn down and they had blisters and bleeding feet and it was we awful terrible but we not a good time Chris and humans are on bicycles so. And that those are all just instant kind of viewer area and is as the snow has been melting all the salt and everything I noticed it. My dog Dallas will be running in helped start lending and it's beyond my Palin for him eight miles does not things I look it is plunge. I think just all that salt water gets a scenario in Seattle irritating snowing. Some of it does bring me as we can and get ready to close out the show here to let people know that on the last events although we don't have a date to announce dad is every single year. I'm very C holds five K and a fun. I run where animals common participate with the parents and it's a great events in another way that we eat. Raise funds for the Angel fund which is such a great resource for families when I needed and they usually have a lot of tables and food available and refreshments and demonstrations and stuff like that we'll be announcing some dates India. Well everybody you've been listening to Betsy specialty that's it's been another great show we're gonna be back on April 18 at 10 AM. With WLK remember I just have put the word out there 5708830. Is now my name come up with some questions and comments and we'll talk to you again in two weeks take everybody.