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Mar 21, 2015|

Saturday March 21, 2015

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time to talk pants and specialty events. With the doctors from veterinary referral and emergency center in clarks summit. You can goalie with a your questions. 5708830098. Or 1804370098. And now heads and specialty events on WYAOK. Good morning mrs. shattering took a rayo welcomed the pets and specialty best. I'm part of the surgery team is that an air Furlan emergency center. Here with document couldn nova another one of the surgeons at Vieri CN doctor Doug Yates are neurologist. Good morning everybody they're trying. Well we are part of our call in shows so feel free to call it anytime that an air from emergency is our 24/7 365 emergency and referral hospital. We are looking it over in south Abington Township. Not only do we have surgery and neurology and also emergency internal medicine cardiology and nuclear medicine. And you can find us on the web that VR ECPA. Dot com and are also on FaceBook and Twitter be airy CPA. Can feel free to call us any time as well 570587. 7777. Feel free to call in at any time we'll take your calls any veterinary questions you may have we can talk about. I know we're talking the last show we had some questions of Colin than we have some more information. For the cause I was calling and with his. Backyard pet taking questions yeah. Some that was actually a month ago we. We had. Lasted some flash shows two weeks ago we ended up having just one of our prerecorded shows aired but. I'm going back a month ago Dave had called in and he had a great question about. The fact that he had done what seemed like an immense research on his. Chickens he was planning to get him for his backyard so he could have some eggs and things of that nature. They was asking how vaccinations and of course we all did. None of us perfect chickens however I'm sure at this point days probably found the answer but I ain't I wanted to just to not ignore that and say. Davis you're listening so we we did some research spoke to some friends who do. A lot of kind of what we call neighborhood or backyard chickens. The veterinary medicine and actually the recommendations. Are not to fascinate them. Austin. Some of chicks I guess we'll have or their moms will have some vaccines beforehand but. The recommendation is actually not so vaccinated them on the idea that was given. Why is it's kind of herd immunity or heard health or flock health I guess I should say. So only in these incredibly large. Chicken producing farms and we're talking about tens of thousands of birds. If a disease presents itself then they noted that disease is present and that's what they vaccinated for everybody in small backyard. You know little flock says. 110 and chickens the suggestion is don't worry about it don't vaccinated so that's the information we gathered so. Actually really did think it might have been a first we had our first to get emergency patients dead on ER I was stuck in Paris the last. Who is Elena knew about chickens are urging an emergency diagnose the problem in the chicken got him on treatment and center home they go everywhere I did please don't think. And it's now. But if you wanna calling with questions is WI OK it's 570. EB 300. And I need. Or 80437009. Heat. Absolutely the other thing that came up I think alas I'm just so we don't forget to mention it was somebody did call and asked about some moms. Health insurance for a I don't know Don. And as we always recommend there's lots of companies out there one of the ones that we use most frequently and we think is absolutely fabulous. It is pet plant and you can actually just gone to the Internet pet plan dot com. And then as we all recommend everybody should have an insurance policy you never know when you're gonna need an and it can be something elective but. Days. Take care of those kids he's got burlap southern and other insurance company uses lamp. I think I have my specialty is brewing in. One minute you have. Manner so the most emergencies but the most urgent emergencies. And things done right away especially was for their own brain and spinal cord. And it. That that plan definitely seems to you definitely reimbursing donors a lot. You know and it's now like. First they are human health insurance where you knew co pay or anything like them. I'm he's still send ten have to pay everything up front mundane they tend to reimburse me most and the most. I always consistent consistently thank you that word would come out. But yes the most consistently over across the boards. Yeah I can say orthopedic way I have and I also the company but I've dealt with other companies to. I know doctor Craig and I. Don't let this before but we let's say we have a surgical procedure where we need to do something orthopedic Clancy young growing animals and so we staged the procedure yes we do. Let's say a surgery on one hand and then when the animals heal from that we have them come back for the second hand. I'm actually had companies say what by the time you come back for that second hit it'll be a preexisting. In addition and so we won't cover it and it's devastating you know you're saying we can fix this animal but the parents can only afford so much in their reliance on. But insurance so. Pat plan as the one that we liked the most because we've really never dealt with shots. And the only two cases I've ever had they've denied a claim. We've written a letter on behalf senator resubmitted those discharge instructions end date correct errors casserly nice contrast I absolutely. So how. The only other announcements that I wanted to make your the first segment is to let everybody know this may seem like a far. Dissidents date but it's actually not everybody how much it costs limit damage talking about something coming up in May event I think that's only like. Driver six weeks away guys so hang in America. We had beautiful weather. Sort of last week is out early part of Fukuda. And it's not quite where it should be and then so what happened yesterday is just a shame but we're gonna get through this but coming up Vieri C is age. I sponsor of diva Scranton wilkes-barre rail riders and we have been for several years. Com and coming up. This year in 2015. As we have done in two years in the past we I'm having an event called park in the park which is a great great afternoon. Love baseball and fun with the family but it's even made better because you get to bring your four legged family members as well. Foreign reserves that two dogs yeah it's a female wanna bring your cab but considering its mark in the park there's lots of dogs there and it's a great day. The two were actually unity tour events this year and the two dates that we have. Army ninth which is a Saturday. That game is going to be held at 4 PM and just for those who are really intense a baseball. Fans that the game is against Indiana. And then and that's a Saturday. 500. Dogs that come in as the dogs as she comes at a diner on Monday interest me now. But that game starts at 4 PM and then August 10 which is a Monday game that's 7 PM vs Pawtucket. And they give away on that day. Is those wonderful little canisters that you can hook your dog's collar that contain like a hundred who bags candy. So that should be kind of fun and I got momentum as we get closer but I'm just. For those people who have been tendency in the past it is too much fun to sit on the law went into dogs. I enjoy a nice evening watching a baseball game so it's really. That is it's just you know it's an experience. Did so ballpark and its own birth our friend earlier that certain aspects of being a player home and oh yeah. Long time ago the burden. I played. Over half my life now men and you know it's as an experienced again. In a Major League park burned a boy here even in College Park tennis Tucson Arizona and I'm. And then from me now spot outside and and being from that perspective and and also did you know now me and a veterinarian and minimum to bring that. Commuting and you in the ballpark here and you know oil and we've Bernard you know incidents advertisement we're also there and help so there's any questions there. I was the veterinarian and all those and we had a bunch of an. There I was still listed veterinarian name case we have any kind of emergency. During a man so there's always a you know men marrying there come in case something were to happen you know me staying or something like nor. You know. To your kids don't quite like each other you know then we shouldn't we can do that and then we always have things are kind of stabilize and and then transport is that going to lose. But I should mention in the last two years we've not had any consoles well there it has been such an incredible community turn out I mean that again the rail riders are fantastic but dean. A number of people who come from. And all over with their dogs comments so many of our clients and people who are just you know. Supporters of the Ares is well it's a and we offer our own dogs it was great. You know once fully done that. This this. So again may ninth and August 10. Momentum again but something for release a look forward to him delayed and then doctor Yates wanted to also mentioned a very important day today. Hello so yes it is it not only does I think today is the first day of official spring here yesterday are yesterday's aren't gentlemen as it's such as always. And what happened around. It was all that lovely mother kind of met. I I didn't wanna you know today the calm demarche ranked first comment is I'm world downs syndrome day. And much I am very very close coupled to mean actually live in Grenada hum which didn't for those of you don't know. It's a little bitty mini tiny Caribbean island Karl weighing down south. And that's actually where me and my wife went to med school and downs. That cost up to that college town saint George's school that I medicine and and some. We loved it now and doing it's a little Kirby and on for three years but it does. More now on education so. They say they no matter and they are they're coupled that are very how much involvement of missile. Men and they had their first child come right as we heard. In I think second or third year and they. That child Mecca cola. Did have Down's syndrome and brought a lot of downs syndrome educations to the humanitarian community. Com and now they actually in. Have a whole. It Grenada and they're the whole country. Has a day set aside and then they celebrate world Down's syndrome saying there. So all I ask you I know everybody asking you know Wear a pink ribbon genome from breast cancer and yellow for the same village just like Larry you know. This is very easy for me you people know me personally I'm burns comes the but it it has started way back when you throw him when my best men got married to his his winning he had married a couple months for a day in and around. But I Wear crazy Sox pretty much every day and yes he does. I don't think I own a pair black sucks but. You know I'm just curious as I know you don't can't see you to me is there's some pretty bright colors and I are and I guess. So send us stripes go pink blue yellow orange they are crazy. Ten so. Very easy for me to do hum but if you just slip on impaired crazy socks today you know I am wearing them around. How many you know it some is just eroded just being you know the thought that they Cal's. You know if you're interested in you know now claims they have web sites all over for world downs syndrome day. Com Grenada specifically has our fundraisers that are doing around there actually doing a triathlon minutes. Three different days so things don't keynotes sir if you aren't around swimmer are high high islander whenever. And all those proceeds are donated at sundown centrum I just think it's a beautiful and fun way to bring attention to something you know they exactly how many answers. You know everybody. Has there Romo on that chair and some people get Malden something more known and you know let it did if it's that simple as just workers repair Sox fan saw a Memphis tomorrow and you don't need to do is today or burn you make a change so I mean you where mariners. I was just gonna say you bring awareness about yeah everyday it is everything. I'm glad that you mention that canceled limiting you to break we have to callers on hold the college he could hold on after the break we'll take your questions and we'll be back gum listening says that's a special team that's on WAOK. You were listening to pets and specialty bats with the doctors from veterinary referral and emergency center ring clarks summit. On WYOK. Hello welcome back listening to had to specialty beds was doctors heat no plans curry oh. Questions Colin WI OK okay 570883009813. Hundred. 4370098. We have a couple college and a couple questions we'll go ahead and take them now we have a question from Brian in planes. But his dog crying you're on the air what is your question. My question is where a lot of top you know who just cannot stop scratching. All the dog that's all the dog does we've changed diet we've tried a different type of dreams and we intend to specialists. That I will we feel sorry for the dog called him the dog just cannot and then mention just keep scratching is a legend in little irritated than red inflamed. And when you see into specialist with specialists have you seen. We have been to and different veterinarian doctors that specialize in skin had com and different type lomb. Isn't this like skin disorders consumes. So Brian have you actually seen a dermatologist. No we have not simply have not been to a dermatologist jet. OK so that's actually. A person who specializes in skin itchy skin just like with humans. And so the strongest suggestion is that your kid definitely see a dermatologist. Skin issues are awful. Also come yeah they're so common and unfortunately often you'll meet clients you'll say you know my dog's been itching for two years and exactly what you just described and that's not to say that the veterinarians and you. Wenzhou. Weren't very you know. Well versed in skin but they may need that person if you. Did your residency specifically in dermatology to kind of help. It's hard to say whether this is viewed or something that is more of a topical allergy. Issue but it obviously there's something there are. We enforce and do not have a dermatologist as of yet here you see what we do is refer to a Doctor Who is in the Allentown area. And his name is doctor Palmieri and you can find him on the Internet. Is I'm. Gimme a minute they are we may end up having to do this after use I. I know are on the summit on JU at least his website and contact information I'll announce on your friend and. Strongly recommend consultation with the. And I think any special team there's an Angel is it amounted to try it and a dog dermatologist turn in the long term time how does that work. Yes those some dermatologists will work on different species but this is a small animal dermatologists and he really. Yeah 99% of the time we'll work on dogs policy does some cats. I'm actually doctor career just got his information certain Lehigh Valley. Veterinary dermatology. And see if I can find you contacts phone number here. Appreciate your help this morning are saying yes he wonderful I've seen him do amazing things are cases that have been going on for years they've tried everything and he's able to clear these skinny she's up get to the bottom alone causes an end. And turn these kids around and to make you feel better many of our doctors and and technicians takes her own animals to him sends a very common problems. But his phone number their phone number 610. 391. 1200. Again that's behind that dermatology. Comment everybody listening and and it's a good resource to know that there is a dermatologist and I wished that he were closer much. I'm happy at least he's an Allentown. I really appreciate your help this warning thing it's just gut wrenching to see me in Yemen animals and it's not that campaign but this can't be just stand there and then it. Absolutely thank you for your time this morning. Yes and do you call us back at some point let us know how things are going what a pleasure thank you take care about combined. All right we have another call in public college is leading just hang out and get to your questions now we have one from Alex in bear creek he has a question about I believe it's cool I. Alex you're on the air what's your question. What do you think about the color can conclude the call eight. And when it's. Look I think we had a little bit interruption there you wanna know call back hopefully meeting get that call back in we can talk a little bit more about clay in their colors. Sorry about that I'm not sure it was interfering there but all of that we can try and answered enough on cost car. He needs him. Hammond it from what I understand student from what I understand and Emily may Ayman neurologist by trade and I don't. They just reading up on specialty fish and things like that and and I haven't had an aquarium Irsay in my house and quite a few years now my. You know there are color enhancing answers that will add pavement to beer fish's diet. Tom and Nicole able to change colors based on their measure pressure whether. I'm girl cycle Palmer you know unnamed agent loser dom some course BC's only live a couple years some some actually live multiple multiple multiple years. Obama's so it's one of those where. You know color enhanced enters this tournament team. The actual payment in their scam more vibrant. Men and you know they're gonna change colors are generally no matter what then again I am not paying. There's specialists minuses just based also raining. On downtime. Many you know budge come high I think we also found out that. It's not as so called. Oh yes that the dermatologist you're just talking about actually does do some opera called okay so the term for fish Madison thank you Jack so you can always call him as well. But it's you know age changes cold. Whether. Lack of appropriate Diane. Things like. Yeah and then that is so again I only in east and you have three of us I like. I like fish like you raise them in my color aspect so I like eating out I guess the chest. Just lemon and I and I really sort of Louisville and I don't think. No coal is is a species of car because we just found out then I was telling her mother from the south green card goes. Considered a throwback fishermen desert so. The so yeah I marine McCoy marine I mean carpet it's not because these are prettier person you probably haven't. Then I can play marsh passive yeah. Well hopefully that answered the question of absolutely white color changes and then we want proof beauty from factory does this is a question about what she can she do about her cancer bone as as he gets older. Judy you're on the air what's your question. I don't they kitty cat has from bella had a place that's yeah. And the moderate degree. Larry as he gets older the screenplay that he walks and does have to worry that because the bottom headphones senator and only can do it kinda. Healthy proactive complementing again. This is great question yeah it an interesting one. Mrs. And I Iowa should tell you I actually don't know sir Miller out of plastic cat also don't know what you created. Tom she is that is about as bad as I've ever saw really compact well let me let me all the listeners with her name is has not this is actually quite adorable parrot her name is noggin. Hello my name Bob and Bob. But her ego yeah I think it's just so all other listeners understand just do give cool sort of system lucky when it is a program. It's a survey are the voyages the. If you heard the word down hypo plays it just means that the cerebellum which is the back portion armor arraignment and is responsible for muscle coordination. Is not developed properly or two direct sizes should be. There's also conditions I've Sarah Miller a plays and other things so a poisonings and then form at all. Hi both ways and means that it formed administer some ways smaller than what it should things. And the biggest reason that cats yet. Sarah Miller hypo blazers general in my knee cleaned being infective wallet in your own or they're claiming ineffective with. And look at Pena. Come out which are some fuel cause he aren't Pargo are just comment in a while she's pregnant and so those kids are infected in Nero. And then developed it in attacks rapidly dividing cells which can and certain degrees. This cerebellum is them on the most rapidly dividing portions of the marine. And in certain path areas of the gestation. So we don't assign us a little bit there but. You know and not and that is that one of the worst annoyance or tenor reiterated that I've ever saw not necessarily in her. Clinical signs characteristics meaning she does Bob she does have head tremors you know we have and we've had to do special things for her. That we didn't have to do for our other chat. Lower litter boxes. You know she is now old who. And she can get up on the mend it she has turmoil in off the men things like that but there. There's a lot of things you can do. There has to do sometimes that we may not have had to do for knock him that we also trained her from a very young age to do things and not new things. But it's no. The degree that she's the worst is I actually MRI and her during my residency and she hasn't. Unequivocally they Somalis are mill on the I've ever saw ever measured. Meant so you know it it it it is bad and she also has another brain disease generally consume these is goes injuries. And she does have a listen subtly which means that her sick sir re Brown's does not follow the business did not perform normally either. So that is kind of going against her too but. So as far as your direct question. That is they join us Vegas kids later in life is he going to get worse I had that question all the time and them. Serves just from blocking or not working properly the bones and there's so and then the worst part know this kid will not do worsen Nur logically the damage is done in new hero. So this kid should not give worst ever ever. Yes it is an assertive finished truly serve Miller hypo pleasure okay. Now as far as the loans and things like that and it it's kind of just dependent on that you know it as far as the wobbly neat Jay. And yeah how will compensate. Yeah he has a very wide at the end of sorts and he you know these capital now and then and that for now but and I. I'm and he kept swearing in months the cows come. Yeah so sort of politically and things like that just is going to have to compensate with muscles and joints that normal jaded kid will not have to okay. So when will it happen I don't know. If they you know by it's one of those where I would keep a closer eye religions I don't suspect there will most of Thomas view. You know it if you have a chronic or to be chrome or just took our crowning gait abnormality. You generally will compensate and your body woke common saying you'll build bigger muscle and your joints wolf. Respond to that now willing to develop Basra and sooner or later and that's always a possibility. And that you know how I and did you say how old Bob is I'm leaving here oh okay yeah you go a long time no hard. I'm excited I think anything we can do me a can prevent this from happening at least so muscular. He's got a rock solid. My biggest these two guys is keep him as Activision yeah. He and Harry act Canada as much as he can be need to eat he doesn't know he had a disability but he tried to keep up with the others and do you continue to keep a without in the debt because they're complex. He is different determined decapitated. And as the great thing about these gases they absolutely know nothing in her own back willing you know and they don't live a normal life normal to them I mean on normal soon you know in quotations normal great men and then takes a special per cent to adopt these kids knowing they have a disability or are now and the Marilyn and but dumb I think once you actually have more and most of the time you want another and there are times. You know they're cute and Pinochet TN. But there are times like litter box training muzzle those calls for us and I think you yes. Until midnight. Yeah I think maybe thirteen minutes. You know you can click it out. Felt exactly so great mom taught me really love him minimums and we take another. Well thank you for the question and hope that I answer all bits of your question. You know difficult could I can get. I felt like could glucosomine contrite in Q do you have any thoughts and that this start. I personally don't filled he needs to be started this young man I give you know a bit later in life and I think the two surgeons mayor Rendell and a comment on that supplement. Well that we don't use it too often in cast for their joints on cats you know usually don't sort of cats are these and I and I realized Bob is a unique situation the cats are you know they're very fastidious and their dainty and although they jumped to do crazy things they. Somehow managed to we see less developmental joint diseases with the cats and dogs that's kind of a different story. The hard thing about. Glucosamine can Jordan's Allstate type of what we call nutrition articles. He's I'd just like in human medicine eat if you walk down you know pharmacy aisle you're gonna see the thousands of different products. And the problem is none of those products are FDA regulated we'll. And you never know what is in them he don't know if what it says on the label is actually what's there or if it's lacking. And you don't know if they say you know 500 milligrams if that's actually gets to the joint space. In both humans and veterinary medicine and the only one that's ever gone through FDA trials is. Something that's called consequent. There's also chronicled gossip clan. And those two we feel. You know when they say you get so many milligrams instead joined that's true they've gone to the studies and so pretty rigorous testing. The truth of it is is that if you look at or talk to Ben scientists. They will tell you that there is passing no hard fast evidence that any of this works. But so objectively if you talk to some people will say I take it and I swear it made such a difference in my joints when I go running. And so it's like anything else you know Aiken may show horror and saint John's wart or. You know I have friends who are taking echinacea and they swear by it I think it does nothing for me to the moon I take garlic sometimes I think that helps they think it doesn't so it's really subjective I just told clients. If you don't mind the expense is certainly not gonna hurt and it could possibly benefit. But I only end sort of a true believer in something like acoustic one hour dusk when and they do make a product forecast specific plan. It's pretty and acting rail any comments and I say EI I usually reserved for the cat says you know when they show signs of the joint issue or you know as they age can't do get arthritis and I had owner's report pretty amazing success I usually seek to das a Quinn and the spring flip on the food it is the daily lifelong. Supplements. But those owners have been very impressed with how would help their cats those kids did have arthritis or an underlying joint problems. It's certainly not gonna hurt says act in another said really doesn't have cited banks they can only help. I'm so it's certainly something to try if you're interested it is hard to say how much it will really help your little guy. Didn't he would need it but certainly it's our nation heard him hit. And separate action veterinary prescription. There definitely is yes generally yeah I you know talk to your bad foot and hopefully they don't mind me saying messed. Because it is an intrusive often recommend you don't even if you get the first initial prescription and then. Find some resource to order is for less money because it's always something for him the rest of your city's life. Yeah and he'd recommend something if they want to dynamic cities just felt very yearly plus a thirteen month fourteen months. I would actually in a cat I would I'm kind of agree with doctor trail if he starts to show some signs however with Bob because your concerns. You know that's just one of those sort of subjective mommy knows best decision. 101000. Things fellas thank you very much I think you well and good luck with nagging back very easy. Yeah okay hey guys can. Hair. Basically his pants and specialty bats with the doctors from veterinary referral and emergency center in clarks summit. I'm ought to double BYAOK. I welcome back factory scenario here is identical to no end after but he aides taking your calls and questions. That's a great question so far. Got a couple more to take before we never showed today this is a question from C even Moscow a question about a dog with a urinary tract infection in cranberry juice. Senior on the air what's your question. Yes. It seemed in no way in terror. By Doug gets urinary tract infections in female dog. And I'm. Try and stop this but one I'm not around she gets out that a lot sushi gained a little bit away. And it's you know I like that mechanics are but it's harder for vertically so. Let it go to wager early in the summertime early when the stars out crucial goal and water. There's so initiation is our feet and I truly didn't I just thought stake in and she stormed a lack insurance. Guys. Whether they can sample that no started checked they you know they say that could be its coal Bert answer so bad. Well at two. Tell them we should do we get psych and it directly. You know treatment yeah yeah I don't go away but what. Credibility to help a fight Gator to drink get it seemed that half the thing is put her in Blake. They say get your guard mention it's actually eat around entry to meet the at the end and that you'd better really has something this guy Asian. BA BA and I don't know who did dark street got rattling here sure look British. Guess he's called black well because they're like but some of them aren't they know dog. All in the movie dog what you want. Yes absolutely. Now now certainly did go back he knows there if you are different things that can cause. Urinary tract infection or urinary signs and dogs you know we always like to confirm that there is an infection to start off now. We usually do that through tip that good a serious sterile sample of urine which can be collected your local that what they do is put a small needle into the bladder and click to sterile urine sample. And they submitted to see is there actually bacteria growing in the RN. And what type of antibiotic is gonna be most effective to eliminate it. There are other causes. The urinary tract signs certainly bladder stones can cause infections and can cause urinary tract signs. Unfortunately things like tumors as well. They can even be something like the anatomy or the confirmation. Both within the urinary tract in actually external H. Com there are dogs that had abnormal external confirmation. Where there is skin hanging over the the mold are where they uranium from an or does she do surgery is said to remove some of that extra skin that's called the bowl classy. And that can help with recurrent infections. If they have excessive skin back there movement. And by attic served by a largely we fight the infection. One other thing to mention is any of the things doctor prayer Justin. Went through. If in the winter time. So let's just say that your dog has any of those things and then on top of that in the wintertime and she's holding her a year and a little bit longer. Because she doesn't mind go outside or just thought our men back can certainly make those issues are worse. So called good throughout you know the first several hours or two worse than. But frequently gone out into. That's certainly one that. Potential and an upper punctuation is you know and then on top of that she's a female so yes very serious traffic. It's as much you know on fox it's a wider charter to move. Bacteria can get and it's. And as far as the cranberry. And people used cranberry juice or cranberry tablets aside is that that cranberry extract. Helps to prevent one of the bacteria E. Coli bacteria from from. Setting up an infection in the bladder and certainly they do sell cranberry tablets for dogs I never had a dog drink cranberry juice I'm not sure if he can generated during get. That story and then some megas may be better earnings nominee they oddly these Camry tablets. It certainly shouldn't hurt to but if there is the urinary tract infection going on. It may not be effective enough to eliminate the infection. Team your girl main need antibiotics to eliminate the infection and maybe beyond cranberry tablets as as supplements for our overall Blatter health it's not something we typically recommended shouldn't hurt. But that may be more of a long term preventative supplement than to actually treat our eliminate the infection. Okay thank you very much absolutely take care stuff foreign. One other thing that I did on I had to is some just everybody understands when you were mentioning. Assist not a me our sisters and she said about his age which means putting a needle into the bladder. The reason that we do. Is. You know every time. Dog. Human urinate so your passing bacteria out and so if you collect a sample and take that tear that they will see bacteria. And so they made misdiagnosed. Anyone of us could misdiagnosed bay infections so it should be done in a sterile manner and that's the reason for sudden. Thing. I just want to add to it I knew it but rocker was that. And I feel like my friend here you like. Omnia yeah and so actually got a couple more questions this is some injury and is ten. She's the guy has the stability trust syndrome and was wondering about proceeding the treatment. Andrea you're on the air and. Hi yes thanks very much for taking my call out my god it says twelve year old meaning cash now her. And he had any hitting them to behaviors. Recently. I can continue that and did she diagnosed. That particular syndrome. And prescribed. An account. Now Jennifer had some complications he is applying to teach. They can't really good occasion when he was about four years old so he was diagnosed with progressive retinal atrophy at that time. I didn't and that you know their opinions behavior he'd like to see what can be pretty good he's eating he's eliminating. The only problem is he doesn't rest well he will stand in one spot. He won't pitch he won't. Laid down. And it kind of lake and it gives on all men and then he comes back up. And I'm not quite sure what to do now the other thing she mentioned and that sentiment I want to stay here is. If it's not that particular syndrome it might be a brain tumor. I'm just I'm kind of wondering what to do I've read where. Vitamin B twelve might help I don't know. Contacts the whole first off on the says. You're ready for Rezko we'll do is use an early taste better help a lot of interns and remember turn. Thank you very I might affect my day job Arcadia content. Okay. Well. I I would have to agree you with your veterinarian. Yes let's back up a little bit and what were some of the clinical signs that your kid was. Exhibiting. He would stand and to bring me back and forth to break collapsed. He would walk around in circles he would kind of a corner like the smallest place that he could possibly be in and kinda which can help there. And I think this thing that I noticed more than anything like that he capitalizes granite state. America so in no evidence of it until no evidence of eyes announcing abnormally. And I can't tell you the now the I can't be kind he's blind. She comes she really examined his side as she showed me. Where he would I could go right to do grade and then the bounce back to the left real quick and keep doing that sort of rhythmically. I'm not. Sure yeah. So even after his head grim new in his eyes were still balancing his anchor and a current okay. So I just always like to ask that question because that could have some vendor with a mr. Miller system or mr. Mueller disease. And yet it yet to separate that into your peripheral and central so peripheral is more like ear infection. Centro is could could just be some general thing in her middle here. Like an infection or inflammatory disease could be a stroke. We could being. Unfortunately could be cancer all I don't you know mum but a lot of the things a year. Telling me circling pace seen wandering getting stuck in corners. Some of that can be massive other diseases circling for instance can being. Mr. Miller disease now declare size at wide circles or is that type circus. I the fate. Not quite circles but then mistake that he and I mean I'm happened here with being out Lackey in the opposite side because based. Hello Netscape demolished but OK but it is it more like. A rodeo bull twisting or is it dizzy pace though the edges of the third perimeter of their impatient pitch it around up there. So it generally tight circles nor wants us to be there disease why is circles or pacing and commoner in the room go along with cerebral disease or more importantly and I think in this gym would be more calamitous dizziness. That is so remaining central brain okay now the only way to diagnose that distance is look at the brain to get an image remembering and the only way to do that in my opinion there's multiple ways to do it. But the best way is an MRI brain okay. And that gives us you know instant that it is instituting images I do and if converted into 3-D imaging if I mean sooner. Much but in username purring and Monday tells that CT or cat scan more temperate in my means. These soft tissue of the brain so the innards of the brain. Among wearers to see Jesus can you be a big gray blob and and there is a master going to be emit white mob whereas it. Me MRI actions seen in the white matter a great American sees a different tracks and see the different sides of the brain in different divisions of the brain of vessels remembering the marine. Things like that is so. That would be in the ultimate best now I'm not saying that the diagnosis and Rome and I'm just saying that I hit it you know in order for anything you need a better answer I would really like to look at this to ensure. And you know oil and nor have a second opinion just that Sissy because if we could have solve a similar signs at that point in time. And it did these disease could have progressed already through and allies time is when you do have a centrally located tumor racing grow ever rising September does grows. Well that's emerging Guerrero and any of about seven or eight claims pray hard directions and it can effects. That portion of the brain so if it's where I think it is and and grows. Roster really mean towards the nose and they should start to have seizures the if it goes down the action to start to have more balance problems are big grows back towards the tail. He did have a lot more balance problems maybe even some Sarah Miller problems and things like that so and we keep seeing going go running go and as far as their actions. So I'm not diagnosis of brain tumor over the radio okay and I am what I am saying is I do. Feel that this kid does have central neurological disease. Comment you could still be invested dealer but it. Everything you're telling me I think more muscle slam at least America is for a one item and things that sticks when you learned it its stakes really well. And they know Islamic diseases one of those things in my mentor taught me very very well and pacing. Seeming painful. Wandering getting stuff in corners those are Islamic or quarter causal relations until proven otherwise she's okay. So yeah but in the meantime you know. He is aussies happy healthy is cause life is doing well easy and injuring ten. Keeping going to steroids are not going to hurt just spoke I don't know that they will help long term. For Obama but it's some you know is upon us things that he can keep doing what you're doing. If he'd like to make an employment Lamoriello militant agenda and any point men if not then just keep following your better even if your dad has questions and they want to give me call signs there. Great thank you very much I really appreciate your health no problem I'm. Do you have a good day okay thank you can't marry class. Great question thanks so much for calling Andrea we got a text messages from Debbie in Plymouth and she's asking I believe how strong chance can casket FIV from stray cats outside. And then when she says F five B that's feline immunodeficiency virus and that's thank you condition we can see end. Stray cats that is transmissible through. So library direct contact with other cats they can also get something called feline leukemia virus needed to think unreleased history it caps for when they come into our hospital. Because they can be spread between cats so unfortunately. If a cat were to come into direct contact with another cab or stray cat outside. They could potentially transmit the disease. Who your cats come and one of the comments that we can make is there's lots of incredibly loving families to want to adopt cats and it you know the only word of caution is if you already have cast in your household. Just make sure whichever kitty cat you're gonna bring and you take it to the vets have them have a thorough physical examine dust may be tested its. And then you know sometimes in humans we think of you know something that spreads via saliva tears you know just seeing or something like that both. It's as simple as you put a warm oil per strays and they come and drink our water bowl and in your kids and you know as an inside and outside shouldn't drink some of that water bowl tuna can be spread diseases out soon. Oh absolutely well I think we have time for me one more quick question. And we can take this from Helen in Scranton asking about cats and their sixth sense it. Telling your on the air. I know I have heard shirt change and a half I can bounce checks and send read about it and I. It didn't. And then impressed for years now and most diagnosed how I can't say who I had already had surgery scheduled. And then the double mastectomy bad. And it would shoot out and unfortunately after thirteen years. Allowed shared a cloud cover uninsured co chair and she should look at my that chilly response but he had bad time back. To win this prompt appears. Rendell I knew what I was going to dramatically each. She changed jammed again manned up and how bad and my impression and it can only a daily. Until I came home from the hospital after having the surgery and then she stopped. And unbelievable what would do is determining the time we'll take your call off the air he went in just hang on one sec and I can you hold on we'll finish up our show and then we'll take your call okay. Thank you all right. Well they think where I just about at a time and thank you everyone for listening I think in two weeks we'll have our next show yep is going to be April 4 at 10 AM. And and then just we've got probably just a few seconds I just ask that question I would never ever discount to any animals ability should in fact let's talk about you know our friends and family humans. Who can have that sense about an illness and and we used dogs for sure you know sensing beyond Cummings seizure or. Thank you again for listening WIL pay pensions specialty events.