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Feb 21, 2015|

Saturday February 21, 2015

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Time to talk pants and specialty events. With the doctors from veterinary referral and emergency center in clarks summit. You can call in with a your questions 5708830098. Or 18043700982. And now the ads and specialty events on double BYA okay. Good morning everybody and my name is doctor a cold. I am a surgeon had veterinary referral and emergency center and you are listening to pets and specialty that Thomas Gordon. Gorgeous but maybe slightly to calls for our liking Saturday. February 21. I am here wish. I'm doctor Rachel Correia who is my partner in crime in the surgery department at Geary seats on the other. I other fine surgeon I just gave myself a compliment I was yeah. He got only applies to doctor curry and I. And doctor Julie Yates who is of the internal medicine service at theories seem. I'm we have. Slowly over the past six to seven months built up incredible list ownership and we appreciate everybody who's out there listening right now. But for those who need reminding or is this is the first time that you're listening. And pets and specialty that's is a call in radio show you can call with any questions you may have. 5708830098. Or 1800. 4370098. But Harris for our emergency centers located in south Abington Township. Northwest of Scranton and we are age 24/7 365. He emergency and referral hospital and refer all means. That's a minding your veterinarian we'll send you to us or you can come in if you need a opinion of a specialty. Service such as. It's surgery internal medicine neurology. Pat does two things that I always love. Talking about is that we and a full nuclear medicine service which means that we have the capability of doing some very specialized tests. I'm looking for things like abnormal blood shun Ting and abnormal eye on things within bones so if you're trying to discern whether there's a bone tumor. We also do and something called I won 31 which is in doctor Yates is. Sort of wheel house for internal medicine but that's a therapy that we apply to cats with abnormal thyroid. So if they're firing his overactive we can give them an injection and the material that all me. I goes in and kind of attacks the abnormal thyroid tissue. So for those people who have hyper salary caps and you've been giving them upheld precedent for their entire lives I salute you. And then I'm. And and then you get them an advantage in a violent than a month and a half. As a single treatment because I can tell you I could not do what you do. And I couldn't not. Consider I'm just but anyway it is a con radio show we have a couple topics that we can discuss this morning and obviously we always kind of break off of any topic that we are Iran's answer your questions so anything about sun you know if if you've got something going on with your kid and you want just. Chat to get us a costs. Good morning both of you how sorry I just kinda you had pretty good yeah I'm politically old Fiat. We had on our FaceBook page for around me is an eerie CPA and it's. I'm not sure who post I think it might have been doctor Ferguson from internal medicine that there's actually this really adorable picture. Some cells have you seen I didn't give this morning it does some cells that she sign in a microscope yesterday she was doing obviously some type the psychology and I don't ask me how the cells actually look like a little daisies. And she posted higher FaceBook page that we are so desperate for spring or actually seen flowers within our microscope and I think and it's actually true because they do it looks Michael Floyd pretty. So you guys can go to add that FaceBook a site. The page and check that out when I heard a commercial is officially aired the painter my house and he saw me on TV I guess we're officially on yeah and I was gonna mention on this morning so. The those the medical center has just released nine television commercials. We had basically three spots for surgery service countries plus for internal medicine and three spots for neurology. And hi my phone has been. Ringing off the hook texting off the hook Mancini again last night and even as a people have been saying that they down. They spotted them so hold onto us you know we called friends of the hospital clients and I'm associates. Have seen them and their friends and family their friends and coming out of cedar painter yes the little area has our technicians she's. Yeah so unfurl those in the local communities summoned by local actually they go out quite a distance but you know keep an eye out for those. Those began airing the nineteenth so a couple days ago I think in the evening and done so every channel sixteen and I heard is that current and one of them and evidence cable television at all hours so there that there's always tons exciting. Let's see is there anything kind of Leon talk about I think some of the big things I wanted to mention before we get into a medical topic is. Speaking of the television commercials. You know we want sort of half people. Help us get those those people who know Odyssey about the eerie scene because we are so regional we take cases from Philadelphia. Allentown new York New Jersey I'm just kind of getting the word out so that's one of the reasons to discuss the TV commercials that don't talk about some of the stuff to it sounds like you might have a call. We can call here on my one coming in this is Teresa from Scranton. Teresa you that yeah I'm here LR AM. Yeah I didn't want it to say couple months ago. I imagine dark it does not go would remember exactly they operated on and yeah. And they did a fantastic job all these recent thank you are you don't know how bad I'm fine if it's. And to that we've been very clear about that type. The people that work there and there's some I think some weeks I know my house than I could give it a bit and operate on people miss. We get that comment a lot of action saying that I think yeah I'd say. But I just wanted to do thank you well that's what anybody quickly got good. I've played bring your pet. Tom school fees don't miles well we don't great that's Indiana don't pray and I thank you very much. And we loved your dog LeMieux and thanks for air calling in so it's nice horse that's really sweet as you know we'll tell you marketing you guys have a nice weekend yes you should give them a hug and a kiss for all of us so I will create art banks can dig here but I. Abide. I was really speed things Theresa. We. We want to and that's it's almost like organic beautiful timing that's kind of what we want to. I just mentioned is. You know even though we are such a regional hospital. And the region is rather large it always amazes me as kind of these pockets on most of I communities are people who are unaware of that you know who we are where we are what we do you. And I think we've all you know there's. Thirteen doctors. We have sixty employees are just tremendous nursing staff that works about medical center. You know I always tell people where like a Mayo Clinic like Cleveland clinic there and that's really what we're trying to do on the veterinary side. And we get. You know people contact us and say I listen wilkes-barre and I had no idea that you had an MRI. And you know that this must sad case that I've known that is we had a woman who contacted us and said. Eleven wilkes-barre. I was told to go to Cornell. I've been waiting for four weeks to get an appointment and unfortunately we ended up losing our dog because of that weight and now I just found out that you have an MRI and I could have been here the next day. And she said to me would you please advertised and I said we do. You know says sometimes it just happens at. That people just don't hear about and ask and I don't know if if you mentioned it before denied to Stephen next day it's the 24/7 emergency MRI can have been in the middle of the night if they need still well and you know. Cornell University Sen's case is to us people will be routed to Cornell. And Cornell saying no no no it's Saturday afternoon I don't let them Monday and Friday night at five and we are trying for seven suggesting I. So you know. Any assistance just getting spreading the word you that's what we're here for and then the other side us employment is on my favorite things is when somebody just says. I'm just so glad you're here and that's why we're here that's exactly why we're here so. Anyhow. You know let's not get people to drive I don't wanna drive an hour and a half two hours away to have to figure something medical. Well we've got so out. Probably a five minutes before we have to take our first break but. Any kind of cases are topics that you guys mom bring up for this morning that I see anybody out there listening call in radio show. Colin with any questions you have 5708830098. I don't talk a lot about sort of winter stuff. There's not too much I think we've left kind of we've talked about almost everything I can think it was for the winter I almost don't wanna talk about things through interviews and look forward to stress. That goes I have the heat wave tomorrow exposed like almost forty. CIA look tonight at. Yeah I think you're just trying to break my heart and I could last night. And we know what to do it ourselves and that temperature. We've had unfortunate in part the last two weeks since the last time we are on the air I know that time doctor curry on I have had a tremendous number and it really does seem like a tremendous number. Have kids with foreign policy and gracious yes. Yeah you know it's don't ask me if it's just cabin fever and they are getting again into yes and I never the president dug Lou Dobbs lead India. So I can say in the last two weeks we pulled out I pulled out a soccer ever stopper. No. Is a fantastic. You can't from the recycling bin. Bottle ahead he's the soda bottle yeah. You know it's a do even on our own technicians had heard Dodd come in for the second time. After what we call food blow because she's got a little. She's sort of a little I don't. Is he like little beat Hillary so yeah I don't know how I'm Julia anti dealing sweet little dog but somehow she keeps getting into his food and then he and oranges himself on the we're talking feel like half a bag pounds and pounds and pounds plus food. Unfortunately. For him he's not needed surgery on and sometimes that's where it goes he's been able to manage it and. They claim then of course they we had won a couple weeks ago who did just that a little dog who ate a week's worth of the three dogs didn't mean and hope and completely stumped upper stomach where she couldn't even mom handed out but. When the mom saw the amount of Fallujah got to her stomach she said that'll feed all three of my dogs for an entire week in the 98 at one sitting. Oh my god this. We've got couple messianic call aliens are welcome under the Cindy from Scranton and says it seems he has a question about chickens. You need oh yeah. Hi everybody I'm Italy march I'll be getting our. Juvenile politics and I'm I'm I'm gonna have a pretty cute the small flock outlaw a black pants. Lot of research and probably too much research because I've become very paranoid about all the beauty is that chicken could get. Now the trend getting my juvenile polyps I you know I'm Jane they immunize against marriage deceased. But there's all these other duties this shot for which there are vaccination. Some of them anyway. And I'm concerned about our. I'm susceptible my first baby I mean they're gonna be an enclosure around they're not gonna prearranged but of course somewhere about wild bird transmission. As I am like how other people who had chicken they don't worry about any of these saying oh I'm just over drinking it and if my chickens are not going to be at that much expect greater risk frills. I have the first nasty day what's your background what you do for a living. Yeah I know that seems like Iran and questions are calling about your chickens a lot of kids but thank you shouldn't okay. They're the only reason I ask you that is because you are. I can tell you have done a tremendous amount of research about the C seem incredibly well informed. And I only say that because most people and it's kind of the vogue thing now to get chickens to have you know us supply of your own eggs and so forth. And most people have passed and they just get chickens. That's that they just get them they don't even have the researcher about building you know ten. And keeping them. You know how to care for them water anything so the fact that you're even calling and asking about specific fake teeth vaccinations. Then sort of immunity against other wild differences is I'm just giving you sort of like. You know the big pat on the back to save traveled on for doing their research ahead of time prospects yeah absolutely. And then here's the big thing to tell you I would strongly recommend I don't think it's any three of us. And are comfortable giving you recommendations. About vaccines in chickens only because. The last time I personally dealt with chickens play is over a decade ago when I was just going through medical school for veterinary medicine. 1 am the challenges and I sort of in some ways apologize for this but on the other side of the coin I don't. The challenge is about that a name medicine is that even though in the four years of medical training we are trained on all species. Very quickly restart you kind of delineate if we're gonna do small animal vs largely if for and you poultry vs say small government. I am not personally comfortable giving you recommendations about. Poultry birds especially when it comes a fact that they're going to be laying eggs that you're going to be consuming. Right so the hard part is even used. That's who are what we call mixed animal practitioners working on large and small animal. Can't. Chickens paltry Madison believe it or not poultry swine. And then what we call food animal I hate that term but it's true meaning cows and so on so forth. Does actually almost like three different specialties. And down on you you're probably gonna have to find somebody that just doesn't paltry. And that's how I would recommend that is contact. They another like an actual. Poultry farming unit and ask them who they use for their veterinarian. Because generally it's you know I actually dying. A Harlan and I'm not absolutely the only thing the other the only other person I would try is like someone who does AD and like exotic. Of birds and stuff they might have a little bit of experience this poultry. But I am I mean calling a poultry farm in Vietnam. I did I find out who their dad is low. Locally you can always contact doctor Nikola Leonard at memorial that and hospital in. Troop does some Avian work but when it comes to poultry kind of questions I wanna make sure that I keep your birds safe keep you safe your family safe. I do you know many people just kind of say ask don't worry about it but that's just because again they're not sort of becoming pre educated before they go into the us. Aren't great dad I'm sorry I didn't have a specific answer for you but I you know I think it's better in that case just to be precise and engages in the right person. And I want to thank you and then the other thing is I'll make sure hopefully for the next round. I'll try and come back with some information such you're listening in two weeks hopefully and if you haven't found something might unlock something for them. Okay great he had no problem thanks for calling about the lack. So if you wanted to stick it to break and we can absolutely we're going to get short break and we'll be back in please feel free to call in your listening to WI OK pets and specialty that's. You were listening to pets and specialty vets. With the doctors from veterinary referral and emergencies centering clarks summit. On double BYOK. A. Hello welcome back you're listening to pets and special teams at sun W I L okay. This is doctor Rachel qureia on here was doctor Daley aides and afternoon cold you know now we're here to take your calls so please feel free to call in with any pets are better questions you might have. It's 570883009. Need or 1800. Forced 370098. You can also text you content text talk to 99404. Near the doctors Vieri EC 347365. Emergency referral hospital in south Abington Township. Ennui a lot specialties via an emergency team of doctors are 20% and as far as specialties the end internal medicine surgery neurology cardiology and nuclear menace and and you can find a spot on the web that BR ECPA that common routes on FaceBook and Twitter it we are ECPA. We were just talking on the break about some reason conditions that that come up a lot and that we see a London and one thing in particular is inflammatory bowel disease and then NASA. Very complicated disease that are internal medicine department deals with a lot men and you know it's the type of thing where. We were just saying you know it's not normal for your pet to vomit once a day that's on a normal thing in their Mimi underlying cause which can be can be worked up through the internal medicine department of surgery can also get involved in certain cases. But if you have a pet that is a common error frequent dominant. And there may be more testing or treatment that can be done. I'm I don't know if there's anything you like you wanted to add to that area and chronic diarrhea reality dad taught us that say oh my god is always got diarrhea just never goes away well or. Comes and goes it's waxing and waning sometimes they're normal sometimes are having diarrhea. Inflammatory bowel disease can be done. It's it's inflammation of the intestines and it can be. Did kill a couple of causes you know when. Just those chronic monitors are chronic diarrhea cases we need that kind of work through them stopped twice to figure out. It is this inflammatory bowel disease or is this something else says it sounds. You know just as simple as parasites that may be causing head or is this. More of food allergies there's a lot of dogs and cats out there that actually have food allergies. That have this kind examining her. We hear a lot sensitive my dog is always had a sensitive stomach ever since he was a puppy. And those are cases. You know we really consider working up for inflammatory bowel disease. And food allergies because today that it's not normal it's not it's you know just a sensitive stomach. There's something more going on and it's not just that. Well and I always I'm I don't like making this kind of equation but I always say to people if you've commented once a week. If you had diarrhea spreading more than once a month straight you wouldn't go see your dot I would go see my doctor I would ask our. I'm an I think sometimes you know you see some clients face in an exam room when you say that you see the light bulb go off they go outside diarrhea that often yeah I would go see a doctor. From my scattered dodgy it's like somehow. We accepted that might be normal for them and it's just not. And hair balls to leg caddie that are vomiting hair balls. To a certain degree I mean aid they can have hair balls but when it's really frequent. It's not that. It will not normal for them to do that so there's something going on at their GI tract that is and allowing things that kind of move through a kidney institute so. Those are cases that we we work up then you'll. He knows usually start with an ultrasound anti. Look at what the intestines look like I'm not. Bill ultrasound myself there should be nice five layers of intestines and we look to make sure that those players are intact and that they all look normal and we measure than for thickness things like that. I'm we look for lymph node involvement as lymph nodes are vague. And their ad demand. And or you know if there's something else that looks abnormal in there those are all signs saying that there's inflammation. Maybe a lot of time the inflammation and or potentially some other disease. You know end and Catherine the big things that we like to trying to rule out. Is lymphoma smile intestinal lymphoma in cats. So it's lymphoma can be well it is a cancer but it is very treatable and cats to. I'm very manageable for quite sometime so. A lot of times also do a GI piano which is just some blood work battle look at different vitamin levels and pancreatic enzymes to see if those her. Abnormal and if they are they kind of point us into a direction of is this upper GI lower GI things like back. And and once again I'm I always like being the voice that kind of comes and goes to see people just like we have Donnan us yet. I mean exactly I mean these are a lot of things so little random people as well yeah running GI problems so. And then. Will probably try and make a food try ill or medications things like that. On the other option is very definitive diagnosis for inflammation of the intestines or to rule out cancer. We always have the option of getting biopsies intestinal biopsies and there's two ways that we can go about about one it is with a scope we go down their mouth. And I only go into their stomach in their first part there's contest ends and we get biopsies. Those will work shirt. The majority of cases but there are some certain cases that will actually recommend doing surgical biopsies so going in and getting. Fully call full thickness I have season each part of the intestines to kind of get and to make sure that we're getting her answer and if there's big men snows will. You know probably asked to get the lymph node biopsy as well to make sure that we're getting all of our chances of getting a diagnosis. We knew I'm just because back I think a lot of people. It is the concept of an animal having inflammatory bowel disease it is kind of dramatic in itself in the end. What happens once you make a diagnosis what what things can you actually do to make them better. Yeah so depending on actually once if we go forth and we get biopsies and we find out exactly what kind of inflammation we're dealing with the fits my killed moderate severe. If it's huge your bills are lymphocytes or if it has to ease senate bills and those are all different kind of white blood cells that. Going city and test sensor triggers inflammation and thank you indicate what it is that's causing exactly. I'm so depending on what type of inflammation we're dealing let there's definitely certain things if it's a mild case of inflammatory bowel disease. Then a lot of times he can try them was just either short course of steroids. Or. You know diet change alone will help these guys it's it's moderate or severe they may be on a longer course of steroids in May be lifelong. We may have to add and other drugs to try to suppress her and means system that's kind of being over triggered in the intestines. Then and we know it's not it it's not a disease that we can share we're never gonna get rid of that it's always going to be president. But we can at least manage the signs and trying get them to have normal stools and normal eating habits. For the majority of their time and have a good quality of life. Verses having diarrhea and vomiting kind of concept plane so you can we know they're gonna have flare ups and we just treat those flare ups with medications but. You know I mean we just try with medications for those guys. So really I mean it's so very very so manageable yeah spend so select a team that's absolutely wanting the that the three of us actually were talking about not so long ago was. Kind of could these inflammatory changes and he doesn't lead to an even more severe and life threatening condition we ball and cases where. Dogs that develop GB or gastric dilation and populace or their stomachs fills with gas and then does a 180 flip as we've talked about before and show. That is an emergency life threatening situation that requires emergency surgery and I think we've all had a couple big cases where. The dogs have always kind of and is sensitive stomach quote I'm voter had no gastrointestinal. Abnormalities and then eventually for whatever reason. They get into this life threatening condition or dogs that have added GD BM gone through surgery and done well. Then have chronic bloating or chronic intestinal issues after and we're all wondering in trying to sort and is an association between dogs that have these. Inflammatory conditions are they then set up for this emergency situation. And we all kinda discussed you know in the in the future considering looking at their intestines or some Egon biopsy when they had this. This DDB happen and they go to surgery to try and see you know are there ones that are going to be at risk for having this happen does this predispose them to having adding a dvd. Comment something we've all seen we don't have any real proof yet but it's something we're talking about looking into a and seeing can we avoid an emergency situation in the future collecting some started writing some data center same thing. What's one of those I'm you know when I say this I'm always playing like I don't know anything you saw a doctor yet. The idea. But what is and I don't know anything but what is. And that it and ultimately. Depends on the underlying disease but most of the time and both people and animals it's the immune system within the GI tract itself that is going haywire. And sometimes it is triggered as not necessarily classic food allergies that there are proteins in food. That may be stimulating. The immune systems that kind of overreact. And then at that kind send. Stimulation by the food just keeps the inflammation kind of going and so there are like Crohn's Disease I. And is very similar it's the immune system that's kind of attacking. So you just kind of wake up at some point your life and your immune system says I don't like my gut. You just whom I know that sounds so yeah I think they tell you the truth it is an area industries I mean that's it. We see a lot of mini mediated diseases not only would the intestines though with blood cells and everything and first summaries and then he knows something triggered and just ticked off your immune system and it just starts deciding that it wants to destroy cells. It just depends on what sells its findings to destroy them. Tons. You know this is for me another one of those great points to let people know. For whatever reason. The average person probably knows that we have the use of an endoscopy burn this ability to use a scope. And then immediately where that's most commonly used in what most people think of is. In your dog eats a sock you go see the event it put a scoping your dog's stomach they pull out the side but that is not mean that is going to use his friend also designed leases. And clean look I'm a surgeon and I love doing surgery that I do not gonna do surgery when we don't need to and if I had my own kids who had a soccer and a somewhat I want that creates a little Al has so many not have to give it to doctor Craig has taken surgery. Because I will not be doing surgery in my I don't either unlucky but with that said we miss the point of endoscopy you know in human medicine they're not pulling socks on your stomach I hope it. They're taking biopsies and doing you know if valuations and that's really. Because something that I think many people just don't discuss and animals and this is a great opportunity just to say. They're cast summoning your dog has. I mean I decide stories about. My dog has had diarrhea or non. Farm stools trickery years yeah you know I mean all my gosh I hear people tell me what's been going on their households and I think. After all that's Terrell how he's been dealing of that that there are sort of I mega brand India and cases and then when you start treatment and you realize that. You don't have to have masses inside your house for your dog can actually hang on tallest awesome they can go outside and have normal. Troops is no. That's a life changer. You know. Maybe I'm not prove you know we'll take a break it creates. And when we come back lol lol come up with our next off financially and feel free to continue calling in if you have any questions. So bad call in radio show Donnie I okay pets and specialty events which is what you're listening to right now 5708830098. Or 1804370098. Were gonna take a short break when we come back. Hopefully we'll take a couple calls and finish of the Smartphone topics like. I area. Basically his pants and special leave that site with the doctors from veterinary referral and emergency center in clarks summit. I'm ought to double BYA OK. Welcome back you're listening to a Texas specialty bets. I end doctor Julie Hayes of the internal medicine group. I'm here with doctor re Joker ailing actor and a golden nova from surgery. We are the veterinarians matter we are some of the veterinarians had veterinary referral an emergency center Aaron do we are an emergency and referral hospital and south Abington Township. That. Viewed this is a call in talk show you can call and at 5708830098. Or 1804370098. Conrail we do message I have a question from Walter in Scranton and this question is how long does each GE U linger on dogs. Not to collapse of the western and I like HD. A those are very good for the pockets. Credits are very easily treatable disease with IV fluids and stuff. I'm HD is a lot of times it comes on and they're finding evidence of those Dario HD is hemorrhagic and gash true NRA has sentenced died that I have an execute on set. Very bloody. And these dogs can actually get very sick very quickly. And if it's not treated it certainly could get them into a state and being extremely dehydrated and going to shock and everything so. It can be a very serious disease for a lot of dogs but. Typically a true HGE. Is when there. And red blood cell count shoots up really really high and they get really dehydrated. And those true aged GE cases. Usually will recover within 48 to 72 hours of I hospitalization with appropriate IV fluids and medications. So. And that's what I think we're really lucky and Vieri see is that we love the dog command as Economos saying vomiting diarrhea and a lot of them really really bad recently had been eating foreign objects that are blocking their intestines. But that's not always the case is that we've actually had a couple this past week even that had been dogs that have been vomiting diarrhea or other young dogs dogs and get themselves into trouble wheezing could there possibly be an obstruction. Sometimes the X rays of their abdomen will be neat to suspicious for having an an a foreign body in there. But we can't say for sure aren't there of course the option for going in surgically but one thing we're lucky to have you with doctor Yates is that. We had the abduction for ultrasound and they heard doctor Ferguson can do abdominal ultrasound and look at all of the abdominal organs. And into of these cases this past week the dogs had signs that we're suspicious burn obstruction. There X rays were suspicious. The ultrasound showed though that there was no foreign body obstruction and thankfully those dogs avoided surgery that they didn't mean and we're treated with IV fluids and medications and supported them through the the irritation and inflammation in their intestines ever cause whenever they got into. And they were Mabel said to avoid the surgery and be treated and were lucky to have these advanced diagnostics I can help pets in this lagged. Yeah two things I wanted to say one is. That is such a great I'm so glad you brought up having such a great example of sometimes with clients especially. With the surgery service you know there's always something that we call a negative exploratory. And I will tell you it's not something that even as surgeons we ever want have to deal it but it does happen it happens. Far less commonly these days than it ever did once before when I first started you know it was probably one at. Now it might be. One in fifty short. I'm but those are where we take a patient to surgery and Lundy told all of the diagnostic test like Brady your essence and so forth looked like there was an obstruction we get in there and there's not. In those cases we always end up getting biopsies because of course then we start to say OK maybe there's something else going on here that gives of this horrible gas C uncomfortable Randy painful vomiting diarrhea. All these signs like informant 8000. That led but you know it's hard to share with somebody that when you look at some of these radio grass as we have had two patients now this week alone. You look at these radio address and you say you know I'll get a phone call in fact one of them 430 and Marshall are paid after another I'm sending you sorry ass I need to look at them and just tell me what you think I think this looks very suspicious. And my answer to the emergency doctor at 4:30 in the morning was. I agree this is extremely suspicious however she's being just admitted lets you know give them a couple hours at therapies and and if you've. If the dog is not still doing better let's get contention. Abdominal ultrasound internal medicine which is exactly what happened and showed. No foreign biting but these dogs can have such a gas deride as such are accused response. You know would have been the same thing would have taken us. And and that they can I'm gonna I'm gonna crossover line here everybody. You know have I gone to the emergency room for vomiting and diarrhea absolutely and I have I gone and it had dean ER doctors say is there any way you could have something instructing you can literally I had ER doctors say inning could you you don't you think. Maybe you might have a twisted got an I'm in my head going I'm not a dog oh my god this is happening to me I am optimistic got a Scott did. It's just another example every last thing if you guys you guys can see in the studio but they're looking at me like you are nuts for saying that's. It done but it's true so it's just another indication. You know these kids can become so severe and eight. We want to make sure that we're doing their race fans sometimes we end up being surgery and then end up getting biopsies come out the answer. Maybe a little bit backwards. But at least we can do that but I think endoscopy thank goodness an ultrasound thank goodness so limped. Now there was another point that we're gonna make I was gonna make about that I did this last show to any to start right. I'm mile road does yes yes it's a combined ailing. So because that's what the other way it was I'm sorry there there's often a misconception. About HTV campaign yeah where you're going to give us. About what needs everybody calls you know some bloody July as diarrhea HD even their cases and that's not actually true said daddy just refined metal next. For yes and that's okay is saying is that a true aged GE is when their red blood cell count shoots up really high and they get dehydrated and knees start to the higher their. There how not a greater PCB is there red blood cell count that we used. The hired as the morning lethargic and more weeks or more kind of down and out these dogs are. But that. PH TE is something common it is something that we see but it's not your typical. Kind of bloody diarrhea. And case because a lot of times those bloody diarrhea cases will actually have. A normal and I greater peace TV or sometimes even a low Panetta crater PCB because they're losing their blood through their GI tract. And if it's something like dot net slash staying. A long time not and then you know I mean I. Couple of days of her as this has been going on her intermittent fur weeks or months. That's definitely something to look into because that could be a sign of inflammatory bowel disease. China has not aged GE's. For the caller who left the message is this is thing going on more than just those few days. Make an appointment and have your kids worked out yet and also you know hot if you are worried about your pets is they're having bloody diarrhea is there vomiting that's what our emergency team is therefore any hour of the day any day of the week because that's Stuckey said each she can become life threatening in some cases and if you're worried it's not something you need to wait until Monday where -- the weekender we'd overnight. If you're that worried about your pet that's good BR EC's emergency department is therefore they can evaluate your pet they can see. How sick are they right now or is hopefully help. He's a mere worries in the and then Samir stressed by evaluating your dog in May be doing some testing. And avoid developing stressed Khaleda said. It adamantly and absolutely. The other if there's actually a couple things that I wanted to mention and this is a complete departure from what we've been talking about. In one of the breaks we had all mentioned sort of questions that come up treatment plan I had jokingly said. I must have had five different people just this week alone ask me. Why is my dog losing their under code. When it's so cold outside Blake is if their dog is done and they're doing this despite never somehow some. Come. And I just wanted to kind of say something just because I'm sure it's a question really comes up west it. Dogs and cats typically don't grow hair due to temperature. There are different species or different breeds that election change color because of temperature. A siamese cats are infamous for that. But hair or excuse me not hairless your brutal fern grows is. Determined by dealings and that's usually kind of a shocker usually gets a couple miles to drop open when I tell the and tonight. But so it's. It's literally by the contents. And sunlight and melon and and that's kind of starts the phase of deferred growth. So your dogs re now are starting to shed. Ridiculous amounts of their under coach because they're preparing for spring so people take it as a good sign. Senate candidates on the ground guys coming out better. Great point actor for yeah. For getting around. If your dog shouting is not six more weeks of winter I. I was having at my house that's for sure there's very everywhere and so that's one of the topics and on the other topic is. You know there it once again and Vieri CA's. Eighth fully functioning medical center. The surgical service. Is you know we do soft tissue and orthopedic support soft tissue means. We do a tremendous amount of uncle logic or cancer surgeries and that's unfortunate but it's also good because we we do work. In conjunction with internal medicine and the whole hospital. I'm and we do a lot of cancer work we do a lot of successful cancer work. And it also means things like. You know anything with sends a chest heart longs. Abdomen anything soft tissue anything not bone. And then in the orthopedic side of things we do. Doctor Craig and I are both very extremely well versed with orthopedics. Weather is something that's preventative. Whether it's something corrective. Or unfortunately me if you have a animal who suffers a dramatic you know bone injury fractured legs things I thought. And I always equate myself to be the next best thing the pediatric surgeon and a dog straight legs are like little kids breaking legs and that just happens to. Tons and I say that about fracture management. Particularly because if you know we all. Understand that when traumatic injuries happened to our four legged kids no reason dissipating it. And but the good news is we can fix those bones and get them back to a really. We basically perfect recoveries and hopefully nobody ever knows that you know fluffy broke their leg. But where I'm going with this isn't there are certainly some some expectations. Of and it is sometimes tough. But we are that people who have been trained in orthopedics and this is what we do every day and although there are some people who want to help. In anything Madison I think trying sometimes to be helpful can almost be hurtful if you are not capable or trained in what you're supposed to be helping hand. And so it's kind of cutting medical corners and I will never cut a medical coroner I will always cut financial corners and I'll never had a medical coroner. And you end up kind as I think suffering a longer term. Process if we just don't do it right from the beginning so if you have questions. You know you must second third 25 opinions I'm more happy to help. But in any way that we can especially when it comes orthopedic so this isn't one of those things you know that's not something you just. You know and general medical programs you get a buzz. Flavorings for it but until you've done a surgical residency you really do not know. The process that you need to go through especially for orthopedics. So maybe doesn't have a soapbox but. You know. Christian disease fractured his hip display your elbow displays are they knew it Linda Hartman is anything like that certainly weren't. October there for so. OK I talked about guns it's your turn yeah I just. Let's quickly mentioned women doctors know is talking about uncle logic surgeries and cancers unfortunately just like in people we see it's far too often in dogs but just wanted to mention you know. Anytime you find a lump or bump on your pet your dodger cap. I would recommend having at evaluated by your veterinarian some people like to just brush them off Burgess keep benign and the even a small bump can become something serious or could start is something serious so. Any time you notice anything change and your dog as far as a growth. Habit of valuing its always written better to be safe rather then having to play catch ever be sorry that you didn't have something looked at when it was smaller and then potentially. Either benign and remove or even if it's cancer cured with surgery. Early on rather than waiting until something you become so large that it can't be removed or so alleged. That is spread to other areas of the body so anyone can be serious and don't we got and had that look. Dad and can I also say I think all three of us can definitely. Say this but when we talk about evaluating a bump we don't mean having that type shouldn't say and I keep an eye on it if it gets bigger car make. Evaluating means somebody needs to do what we call psychology I neagle needs to be put into that mass cells need to be. Obtained at past pathologist needs to look at thought. We're often I know I'm often the bad guy the bad woman when I have to say the mass that's been there for six months that you were told to watch is a bad type of malignant tumor. And you know there's no way nobody has microscopic vision and their fingertips nobody can touch a bump and say don't worry about it. I would always rather they do psychology and tell you it's of I'm not fat but then he did not tell you what it is camp. Hey I would agree and there are a lot of there's certainly you know cells that we can mess and not see in so. Germany personally I always like osprey and have a pass pollen just kind of look behind means because there are definitely. Masses like mast cell tumors that are called the great pretender made it looks like a light coma it looks like a fatty to America. And even sometimes on. Psychology side to you in as someone that's not trained it certainly can still look like normal. I normal bumps like the nine bombed but it's not so. My day always like to get them confirmed that's tough colleges. Ashley when it comes amassed so tumors they are ones that can grow and shrink in sheen's side isn't the legal sales. Phil was there and finish little in the cutting back in the Trenton and well that's what tumors like Massa will reduce or just because it's changing size and and disappearing in the reappearing still could be something serious and then the final last comment for me is some. It's not uncommon that we'll have somebody come in who will say. My dog had this bond it's been growing we've been watching and and by the time we went back for another opinion. It was supposedly quote unquote too big trees live yeah. How am and then and I do not mean this in any way shape or form can anyone I'll tell you I am not that arrogant surgeon but. I am very rarely best advised to their loved the challenge and so. I can tell you that there have been some patients who have come in for something completely different and I say. Now that giant famous and cuts your dog is attached to it is that kind of the other way around we can take that often and the final say it's been there for three years and I was told we couldn't but we can't. And it's a life changer I actually had a client that used to he built a ramp for his dog the mass the light on guys what's so large on her side. She couldn't lay down to sleep anymore so he builds her ramp that she could lean on par. That's the extremes that people go to because they were misinformed about the ability to do something and please call us because if I can change a life that's the happy historian who were hurtful because it was a some fat too you know it's just. Now if I could just do down my belly and be happier right. We got a caller we've got just a short quick break I have to take a soft fly in the let's see what we are receiving news is penny in large bold question about pet insurance. Penny on my or not and you got no job I don't read NN. I have five kitten and are actually cats and they age from eleven years until about breached. It was a really good headed churns on the market. We will save you pet plan and I have sat out in and then injuries when my back on the air we'll come back we can talk about fast and it's called pet. And all onward go onto the Internet and check it out. Everyone I tripled thanks for listening next Haley is so much thank you. March 7 at 10 AM and your listening to present special team that's something so we've. Just then we'll talk to insanely.