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Feb 7, 2015|

Saturday February 7, 2015

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time to talk pants and specialty events. With the doctors from veterinary referral and emergency center in clarks summit. You can call in with your questions. 5708830098. Or 1804370098. And now the ads and specialty events on WYAOK. I welcome to our show today I'm doctor Dion Ferguson's. I'm and then internal medicine specialists at the vetting her for on emergency center and here with us today. We also have doctored a cold and no amount the head of our surgery apartment and they also have doctor Brittany gross. In our emergency department. I'm so they've got kind of a couple different perspectives today good morning I'm. Good morning. I'm and if you don't know a little bit about us the weird the veterinary referral emergency center comments so. There referral around the site and that means that even where we have specialists. That kind of have dedicated their focus. To certain areas of veterinary medicine so when your pet needs a little bit. More special care. Look for a more specialized testing more advanced diagnostics and kind of a second opinion kind of thing. Com but. You know we're always open to. Appointments as well so you don't have to be sent you know if you ever felt. Howell I would really like an opinion on whatever's going on my my pet you can always make an appointment primarily. And then emergency comments a little bit more easy to understand clearly. If it's an emergency where available 24/7 seven days a week 365. Days a year I'm Kurt. For any urgent needs of the are always there for you. You can always look at our website Vieri CPA dot com. And we're also on FaceBook and Twitter the married CPH. So. Did you guys on a starter listen any topic today of course you can always get this the coffee how many questions anything anything you're curious about. You know anything about your head about us anything you like to know we're here to answer questions. But I enough you guys have anything you wanted to start chatting about this morning I don't. Really have a medical topic she immediately asked about but I wanted to says just seeing since we're talking about a little bit of promotion for the hospital just. It's time we know that there's a lot of listeners out there that are regular listeners and receive for appreciate them. And for those people and do you know about the hospital. And it's always one of those things right say it's kind of sad because it means that you had to use our services are coming on the only. Businesses other than human hostels and say we hope you never have to use our services but we're happy you were there. But hospital just. Had a hold on shows advertisements on television commercials filmed and we are wrong. Participants and that that was kind of a fun day just a pack and all of that. And fans but for those who love their listening. Keep an eye out in the local community festive air they should be out and about two weeks we have nine of them. Just kind of explaining something doctor Ferguson as a star who won. Yeah we're we're trained to. Kind of get the word out there about specialty services for animals because. A lot of people you know it's my life so a lot of people are like all your veterinary link. You can shop soon Newsday is a new leaders in my time there really do any of that and knowing how what do you do you do surgeries and not a really do any there's no. Not a lot of people are kind of confuse what I do or you know it's. It's just not something people are used to thinking about having a specialist for their pets especially something that. Is very prevalent and I think the data they lies a lot of people lot of people go to. Dermatologist. Sore you know they got an ophthalmologist further I issues or whatever it is. And veterinary medicine has just getting more and more progressive and kind of down the field of human medicine are certainly. You know we don't have the guy interests or anything like that they're not quite that specialize yet so much you know or stuff. And so you know as an internist I am quite a bit different than a human internist sound. Human internists are a little bit more in general now. Because there are some knee specialist in human medicine. As a veterinarian turn this we kind of cover a lot of specialties. Especially when other things are not available so basically internal medicine as everything internal. So endocrine diseases like diabetes. How immune disorders like anything. I'm immune mediated Anemia. Bound for Anemia arthritis. On the skin disorders saharan not something that we treat very commonly as we do have dermatologists. And Muster and me neither something like that. And that's more X tournaments and I like to say in an internal medicine and a but. Oncology will do if we don't have an oncologist there are veterinarian colleges but they're not as common as we are. And veterinary cardiologist kind of the same thing you'll do cardiology when there's not a cardiologist available. But you know basically anything internal kidneys liver heart. The blood anything you can think of that's what we do so any kind of problems and that area. Whether they're kind of advanced are ongoing that's that's what we specialize and climb may help. Chief explain to people. And this I believe is similar in human medicine but. There's like this umbrella. Of and under that umbrella that falls internal medicine cardiology. Oncology. And so all of those specialty is kind of take a certain portions of training the same and ran at a point they divide off and then studied slightly differently. I think people say interaction I have no people don't realize that there are so many special specialists in specialties in veterinary medicine and and just and you pets or justice complex. And as human as humans and so of course they're required justice complex medicine to treat them and what kind of ads on top of that is that we have quite a few species that we treat you so we're not just divided between those those specialists and the specialties and also we. Do you treat more than one species so we do have too pretty to be pretty reverse itself. Yeah and it sits and you know we do have. We know we have advanced training specialist so. Well we do is we go on to do an intern ship and we go on to do what's called a presidencies so an internship is typically. One year and residency is typically three or four years where an internship this kind of he'll rotate through different specialties to get a little bit of broader understanding. I'm which brittney dead as well for negro says our emergency doctor. And then if you wanna go forward from there you may go into a residency which is just a lot more focus into an area and tres towards becoming a special us. And I noticed tell people it's because. Everyone's so while you have someone say all of my veterinarian now on the sun to come CEO conjure smarter than they are known unknown and now. I'm absolutely not you ask me questions. That the things that they deal with every day. Much like. Parasite control you know flea and tick and all these kind of things sometimes my clients lasting questions like that and I'm like Iran and in and out. You need to ask your primary care Manningham because that is what they do they're kind of specialists in their area of general Mattis and I don't do general medicine you know. Mound it's just kind of bad the whole point of these focuses is that's what you do every day and we see more of these unusual cases then. You know we spend more of our time on these kind of sick pets so sick pets as well we still. That vs a lot of this preventative care general medicine that. You know kind of what you do is what you learned in my ear got bats so that's kind of the whole point P&G commons and I would make one is. Some people seem to be kind of sharpen my time I take my own animals to primary care veterinary and I guess I'm not one. And everytime I go I always say to that person I. Don't know how you do this because it's just amazing to me. And they look at me and they sort of go I don't know how you doing you do because that's amazing to make so. Each has there you know sir special I couldn't do vaccines every day I couldn't do it. And the preventative medicine I think that they are so Smart because they know so much stuff. And then I was gonna make another comment that I camera with I think it was it was something about general practitioners but. Anyway I mean they really are amazing because they do you know so much material. Now they jam and let's pretty neat is that we worked pretty closely with all of the primary veterinarian so. I don't know what the ratio may be youth of emergency hospitals to primary that hospitals but imagine and be somewhere between seemingly Tony. Doing iMac nationally. I guess how many were primary that's refer to our hospital so we have something like 247. Or some number like okay. Tanks and so I mean if you're in a large and you know metropolis. There may be two or three emergency referral hospital for. For that big city. I'm not saying we're not exactly as a tiny city means Franzen very large area with a huge populist but you know right now we've. There's two facilities that can offer some emergency. Medicine where the only one that does day and night. And then obviously we have to internal medicine Carty you know narrow. Which surgery this surgery on what I mean that others don't have time I think to somebody else does have surgeons and yeah. I mean and I know that those jump practitioners are very appreciative to have us too because it means that they can close your doors and you know fight him on a Friday and other therapy patients are safe. Clement their clients have a resource. I am and we're terribly grateful because I see we're getting some patients referred ballet but also just because. You know they aren't preventative medicine through the Marines kind of. Camp and they are the Smart friends are the ones saying look you know there you need some tests that we don't have an ark I at a clinic we don't have. On the you know this equipment or we don't have the 24 hour care whenever and as your pet needs. And very good enough to recognize that and then get that pat what what they need I mean it's it's pretty amazing man. Dance again. System you know the difference between us and him and Addison has many human doctors internists surgeons whatever the specialty may be. Working in conjunction with a very specific local hospital and you have to pick those doctors at a hospital they weren't quite so for example. Can't you see a doctor that uses Moses Taylor that's where you have to go for him to do XYZ. Sending personal and seize on so forth. That we'll for us we sort of do this as a standalone process so we have a separate hospital. And that's just kind of thing you know there's no sort of affiliations there's no politics there's no. You know it's this fancy hostile against mass transit costs on my doctor has got insurance that works a day or so. And I think for that reason it's much much nicer because you can just. Feel comfortable here that's sending you or you want a second opinion is go where you choose to go. And another meeting on. Didn't need it's resource that we have is that we're all under one roof and so very often not animals that come to our hospital. They do mean more than one service at a time and so. We have surgery consulting with the internists and and new patients coming in through the emergency hospital and and ultimately end up with surgery or to the neurologists are doing the internist cardiologist so. I mean it's kind of a one stop shop as far as you know getting all the care that your your pet. Needs yeah it's really it's really pretty cool when you think about it I mean I wish. That if I can go to the doctor they can just say. Okay we'll go ahead and draw your blood American if you just wait fifteen minutes are gonna have all those results and then you're gonna get an ultrasound you're gonna get X rays of your lungs and you know give us about an hour to a mall will pretty much have all the answers for you or will be rolling into surgery based on you know we found this or that it. Yeah my fingernails all around. And a credit your wits. Hey they take that. There really is pretty amazing so. I'm glad that's what we try to do is to you know offer the most efficient care that we cannon. At the time we have fun doing it too we I think we all kind of ten today you know it's our it's our everyday and so we do trying to find all the humor in everything everything to when we get a little break and I think doctor Ferguson around Christmas time we are on the show together and she is talking about. One of the internal medicine. Aunt utility says they can do endoscopy which is sending all scope down into the stomach when. Animal see things that they shouldn't she retrieved total baby Jesus. I'm a dog's stomach listening. But on the yes so couldn't animals come and seasonal issue concerned they've heard this intense we kind of predictable there different. Different problems that they get into a seasonally in so many little talk about that after the break that would be great unsteady. I'm so everybody. I you're listening to present specialty glass and it is a call on radio shows and don't hesitate to call some questions I 708830098. Touching just a moment. You were listening to text and specialty vets. With the doctors from veterinary referral and emergencies centering clarks summit. On double BYOK. Pilot back. If don't forget if you have any questions forest sound you can always get disqualified 70830098. Or 800. 4370098. That's if you need anything from our veterinary hospital you can always give us a call at 5877777. And where they're 24/7. 365. Sophia or anything urgently doesn't just come on down. On that doctor Brittany gross is in my emergency doctors and she was getting ready to talk about kind of some of the things that we see during the winter season. Can. I'm just gonna touch to bear on the go through one case that we saw within the last month kind of when the weather gets colder into ponds start to freeze over. Come we often can see animals fall through the ice and and so obviously it's not something that we see in the summertime so we need to can be prepared when then the weather does start to get a bit colder. I just don't just on our run through one particular case that we had which was an older female pit bull. And done and she was outside her and her family has a some property and they have a pond and she fell through the ice and it was pretty thin. The Stanley saw her within you know what they thought was of the first five minutes or so into my daughter out of the pond in broader into our hospital. And when she got to the hospital heard her body temperature was below ninety degrees and so. Normal body temperature for any age dog or cat should be somewhere between 99102. In the more range than than humans do. Am got a sore big concern obviously is it is getting her body back up to temperature because when not the temperature gets slowed down you know the risks of hypothermia in your body is not regular not able tent. Tenet has the normal homey you stay citizens arm known. Regulators don't hurry ended in blood pressure but. Comes a week she she just responded great tend to therapy in warming her up into and she did great but what I need. Phenomenon I guess that that. Hi I find interesting. With mammals is something called a diving reflex. And in animals it's actually comets are protective mechanism where. Am when animals are submerged in cold water their body naturally. Other heart rate will go slower and I can be up to Tony 5% of what the normal Hartley is so I think it's a dog normally has a heart rate of you know 100 that diet. Heartbreak can fall down to Tony five herself. And current yeah and you know with what animals like seals ends any animals that are meant to dive in these freezing cold water you know look into their temperature can go down to 10% or so so. With with Emmitt soon. You know it's really protective mechanism where they can be a lot more efficient when their underwater. I'm so that's one component that I reflex as a makes a heart rate go a bit slower and sandy makes calmed the blood vessels on the surface of your skin into and organs that maybe aren't as necessary. Tenet shunt blood more to the necessary organs so Ian and your heart in your lungs and your your kidneys. They'll have some more blood supplies in your skin wounds and other organs and maybe could go with a little bit less blood supply. And then the third components it it comes decreases. Keep your body's own attempt to try to breathe and I'm so those that's the street combinations come really consistent conceive an animal's life and without reflex and animal doesn't have to be conscious that can be. Unconscious are conscious and found that reflects a still wouldn't intact but it just kind of there are really neat mechanism I think that saves you know. Saves animals lives in town. And I think it's from just. We'll talk about what some what can people do so let's because it seems like almost every winter we had at least one. Cases I've either age daughters sometimes it's like. You know multiple dogs and a household because Wear one dog because the others quickly follow it and they're all breaking through the ice and and so any recommendations. For people like what do what do we tell people to do to manage the serve. I have to I it's so scary as you are describing and I was sitting here cringing just have been all my gosh yeah. It's. Campbell and often times the owners of bringing their animals certain you know they air something went to a from my dog or fined ninety it to dog out so. You know I would I would say you know I know humans are not around but you know really PC chino you have to be careful getting animals out of the water but. Often times you know he wanna get too. Be yourself you need to be unsafe clowns like you won't see animals out of the water Ralph Martin towel and to come noon just trying to. Forum up as best she can come home with with blankets and towels and really you know I wouldn't bring them right to the hospital because you know who knows how cold there from the body temperature conflict just you know try to keep them nice and warm bring them inside. I would warn against heating pads there anything's guarantee like that I can actually be very dangerous. Especially when they're. Their vessels are constricted like that they're very susceptible to really damaging burns. Mom and they're not aware enough to know that they're getting to hide and move away from meant so. You know just like she said warm during towels and just get them somewhere is the best thing you can do I wouldn't just leave them and a in heating blanket or something like that and think they're going to be okay. Yeah and I guess my thought was you know I say it's. Your dog follows and you see it you quickly get them out everything seems to refine their just a bit wet epic cold you know taken inside dry the mosque. Maybe call us and ask for suggestions. Although the recommendations I mean they become and just in case. But obviously if you find them like you were describing that pit bull. I'm and the dogs unconscious wrap them and dry towels and just get them to the hospital medium and obviously again they're at their huge risk for Comcast breeding them potter as well and you know they're flailing at times to try to get out. None so we know dinosaurs a huge risk of developing pneumonia. You know whether that's you know nasty not pond water. Com or of course we don't have oceans. To close by but if it is salt water than that you know you you know is dangerous exactly who haven't I I wanted to say everybody stay safe or something like that happens. You know we always refer to. Ourselves which animals as parents so it as a mom or dad I can tell you. If one of my dogs spread through the ice I know that before I even had a chance to think about it I would be on that ponder on in the law. I mean you just react but just everybody stay safe. What a scary thought. What some is there something else I know that you think has been sort of dramatic this country that you seem. Let me paint on. Well I don't know I think we see a lot of urinary tract infections in the winter I've always wondered. Is it because people see the bloody urine in the snow and it's so easy to see her because animals don't like the cold and their kind of holding it longer than I should. But it does play does seem like we see a lot more urinary tract in fact I'll the first snowfall we have so many. When they come into play here and it's kind of interesting so I don't know if it's a human behavior that we're seeing him. Omar is clear if it's an animal behavior that they don't wanna go around the cold in their kind of living right here in them and getting infected don't know. We do see more of that so yeah. I mean certainly. The typical signs of urinary tract infections that we see here that. They want to go out more frequently or they're kind of posturing and going in multiple places because they feel that they have to go and of course the Wladimir and that's the thing that people are seeing in the snow. Then you have mountains they coming up so there's L yes the chocolate may love chocolate though the chocolate. Well everybody just don't forget the guy. Calling with any questions that you may have the number here at WI okay is 5708830098. We saw the last few more minutes. Seat go through some topics. You are listening to present specialty glass and we are the doctors from that are thrown emergency center. And doctor Ferguson you weren't gonna potentially talk about and you may even use a case is an example. But. Something that happens to cats. That many parents may not be aware of and how we deal of time. Yeah I don't know how many if any new listeners out there have never had a cat turn yellow. But some things people called yellow cast. Which is jaundiced. And then what are the most common causes of that is a condition called the padded clothing doses source fatty liver. Fatty liver or have panicked that the doses is almost never primary condition so this is actually kind of something that's. It is another species but not died so again we tend to think of it as more of a cat thing. Where there are basically starving because they're not meaning from some other condition and then there's their livers trying. Handle all this fat breakdown on the liver just kind of gets bloated but I'll list fat and I kind of physically leads to an acute liver failure. And so used to be that most cats would die from this condition com and the as feeding tubes have become kind of more commonly used. The we've got a lot better ads. Treating these cats hound so where they didn't used to do so well without the feeding support. Now that we have more history to the feeding tubes are successes a lot better but still. There are a lot of complications back in combat as we start to feed them and things like that. And certainly we actually saw a lot of these when I was in it and Louisiana and hurting Katrina. We actually have a lot of them come and you know not secondary to other diseases but these are cats that were lost and then when the people came back after the hurricane their cat had been starving. Pound for weeks or whatever it was that it took them to get home because they couldn't catch them and find them or whatever for evacuations of Heineman unique situation there. I see we have someone on the Lorraine Hahn. I think this would be may be a good call first for Brittany and as a winter issue of how. It looks like we have Allison online he has a question about his dog licking. The assaults from their own ass. And let's get with Alex. Alex street. Yeah. I would let her walk out and play and I wanted to let a lot of cult another team or not. Alex thinks are calling him being our first caller here none and so yeah with a with salt and down with rocks all you know. Dogs don't realize that acting kind of throw lost their electric lights in their bodies and dogs can develop something called hyper nature premium which is. Just means to muscle in the body. So there Alex. I. Maybe Alex is still listening so. Anyway with the rock salt animals can do it's can become hyper nature remake which means just too much salt in their body and can disrupt their normal cells so. Quiz Mina was ingesting too much salt can lead to a you know and twist with larger amounts of potentially a mom they dole it toxicity there. Is similar is. Area where animals can get too too much soul and their bodies actually with people suggestion which is gonna seems like a weird John talks is need to develop there but when animals eat. Theme ball they can also get done too much salt in their body but it. So you know I guess all of the ingredients in rock solid can be a tad different union is worthwhile to look on the label warns he would move the label says. Com but ultimately I really would discourage time for dog from trying to elect than the sidewalk there. How the other the other problem is. You know. We think's that an Alexy said this perfectly that my dog likes to lick the salt off of this paused. It may actually be a case it is not but he likes to but that the salt touching his skin. And you know assault is out there for a purpose to get rid of all that place and so unfortunate we have to walk across says if your dog doesn't have boots. Which is not necessarily something Barack recommend all dogs have to work. But that's also serves a purpose and then they come back inside the house and as they come in that's salt is sticking on their skin and it can actually burn. You can imagine if you just put your hands wet in a big bag assault and let it drying your hand. It basically that's a case it dries your skin out and I can cause some burning so it may be a case Alice for your dog is leaking that's all because he's just saying how. And they want to get it off says this foot. So if this is something that's kind of the norm for you. It may even mean that every time you bring him in the house got a wet washcloth trend went off his feet some people actually have little lake. Bad little shallow as Seattle shallow. Like half an inch of water that he can walk through to try and rinse off some of that excess salt and then you can towel off his feet. But no it's not good. And I've seen one of those paintball guns in the and I can laughed as he did quite well but it was it was pretty funny kisses but it was just break green from all that off. They're a good idea I feel big goofy lab be announced. I wanna eat and many great amount. That's a great question though I'm firm you know. Wintertime. Fun I have coupled these guys Alaska but I have a couple of little dogs at home and this winner's been particularly hard on one of them she's so tiny. And I actually think she got a small level of trust faith in the beginning of the winter and so. Yes I am very sleep I have to say that I. And that's kind of a joke to trying to get her to go outside with diesel boots on the just trying to protect their feet you know 'cause it's like just going out barefoot it's kind of crazy stuff. Can't Bennett and animals you know they can. Be obsessive about trying to groom themselves. Commons committee can make themselves soccer mom no we pay cut did have an interesting case in the EROs and on tea a cat that came in from a house fire. How has brought in by the EMTs. After and no other house caught on fire and EMTs an awesome job bringing them carry into our place. Teen in this is just a few months ago but. The cat did OK in two and you know the big things that we be worried about or is inhaling smoke into damage to their long sword. You know actually burns on their face or their fur. And she looked great you know on the surface was breathing very end time nor hair hurt do you looks like shedding stars on her eyes or anything like that. And not hurt curt fur was just filthy with site. And calm you know when the hour to that it took her to get over she must've been grooming herself like crazy and coming on the intersection so they hurt her issue ultimately ended up being that she developed. Like a gas generator sore armed you know gee I had issues with vomiting diarrhea just because she's ingesting all of that that is such so. The lesson there is the known animals running clean themselves but ultimately it all ends up in their mouth and Tania somehow unfortunately I'm glad she did well well. Yep well at the top tens or break time I think we have us a call coming in early may be able to answer after our break. But again assists Preston special team that's as he went off tons of any questioner anything they like us to talk about please give us a call 570883. 0098 will be right back. Basically his pants and special leave that site with the doctors from veterinary referral and emergency center in clarks summit. I'm on WI LOK. Hey we're back and it looks like we're gonna start lists have caller Jason. Jason are you there. And here they is so. What is that these are questions something about getting a parent I see it. Yeah I learned a great area and hanging on the next part of my then surely looking into getting prepared and got. Questions to her. About a met at great can't it be okay you very that there veterinary hospital. Ali. Take care who's burned like that make billions permanent about a bird in the course and canary and I'm looking at trying to you know from the get packed. You know did help me if I need. So I actually just say something and that is Jason. I want I hope everybody that's listening is listening to what you're asking because it's by eight so commend you for asking the question about care before you actually adopt the animal. As seriously as. Yeah well they like to thank you know I'm going to be taken care of that and already one of the biggest. Question that I have a dad and you don't trying to do research on him he couldn't in the right area that kind of country you know bad that can help me. Area. I'm going to Deanna if you want to answer momma I was just gonna say not one of our referring veterinarians says I know really is very into exotics as doctor nick Leonard. There are certainly other veterinarians in the area that. Murder other clinics in the area that you have a veterinarian or choose that we'll see exotic so you can certainly call around but he's he's definitely one I know that. Com has a lot of experience with birds in our area and he's located at some memorial veterinary. Hospital and insurance and true yes exactly how to carry it. Get his good guy so I would call him. My name is emergencies or can. Cern just design and you can ask but as well so we don't actually have a veterinarian at the area see that is kind of exotics. Orient as however. If you ever had that kind of an emergency in my opinion an emergency is an emergency is an emergency. I'm so we certainly would be available for you but. Believe it or not my answer would be I know doctor Leonard is such an an exotic sky events you'd probably end up seeing him. Almost I would say first and then if he thought he needed just certainly he could send you over. Yeah. I think beyond exotics department dime you know and of course means all the expertise but then was that comes all the different medications that you know may be aren't aren't appropriate for dogs or cats in May be aren't Stockton hospital networks. Some are not playing mostly with dogs and cats and medications and equipment you know they're delicate little things sometimes and so. I think in their their whole on separate realm of a tools and medications. I had just you know and make sure they're gonna in the right direction or does. Ingraham well I yeah. I love that most. Where to look race out and you know get themselves. A parent or and realized afterwards that it's the wrong kind of cared for the Shanle and that you know these birds sometimes live for. Eighty years. Plus a good free and yes sounds like you're really thinking about what's best for the birds we like. Absolutely I mean yeah I'll I want that thing and be happy ending you know they're gonna try to do it couldn't chew us. You know get the proper care or help let's get this trauma that memorial hospital up there and trooper Gary be Gary here I liked that idea because. Beyond doing truly searching be used. That I have backing trying Ding bat year old I mean like really hard to include three search because. I don't wanna ensure I don't think I think I don't feel like driving to New Jersey or new Yorker you know I'll try and how you're forbid you know from being hurt in our community born yet. They can you know like even the popularity. You know. Think that the people in Delaware Gordon getting you know they're they're reputable Bob Byrd not bullied or dairy you don't you help me out a 100% but still coming down so good that she told me that it basically got to get an idea here uncle Jack and uncertainty guys down like this. Oh really like is this really happening right guys I would tell you very low life you know. Got a career and and they create you know I call the experts because you get a guy out there maybe you know your stop and think your point point me in the right direction and LA about Iraq shelter dog content that was going to be one crushing because I don't boxers. And he like I like blue communicating in general is there any type of pollution or like you are now watching them conflict and then. The only commit a blocks you see down but the regular army but a dog shampoo you know not and try to not. I don't. Seamless. Stuff online I don't really know much about the ads like oh waxed us. That they used her as flooding gotten Saddam and I don't know much about I've never used or anything. But just kind of Reading about people were swearing by it that it did I earlier it's getting harder and are yeah protects their client so I'm not stealing anything I can think of and I had a putting on a boot yeah yeah yeah exactly you know and another issue that few different types of rock salt sounds of some claim that they are gone better for safer for animals as well so. Hello my mild. Thank JL well. I'll call that was a great question and done you know I would recommend call doctor Leonard and speak to him even before you get the bird just to say this is the type of birds. Anything I need to know are you comfortable seeing him if I should get them and start a relationship now. I'm going to be doing cover that during practice on their high. I'm like oh man am I can even thank you so much so you're in and have been burdened solid guys think secret and why you mention why yeah. So yes. The governor and had an up everything ready to go anywhere he can come help. Everything you have got an extra mile track and tell us what you ended up doing. That's early well I what are you guys directory weakened or another every every other area up. Gary and I hope thank you very much Hank good luck yeah Nate Newton's and you may be staying here. Are you and I. By we have another. Person on the line James they've been patiently waiting let me see if they still ready to talk to us. Jane is Teresa there yes I am I our good howry oh well back. I see you have a question about white chocolate reason since they're safer guidance. He actually. My dog did get in Q are you shop of horrors of the last nonsense attitude taken to be our bird tickets it's good wait to our. Speak to all the way airpower toxic starkly political rhetoric so little unaware. Or yeah it happened in the end and maybe you can explain. To me why you're berets and especially are so toxic to dogs. Well you know I wish I could and the truth of the matter is no one knows my reasons are toxic to dogs. Ominous is something that's kind of recently been noted. You know years ago. I think a lot of people used to feed their dimes grapes commonly used streets and we didn't really see issues with that. And then people started to see this relationship between this and an acute kidney injury so these dogs are going in the kidney failure. And finally the association was Maine so. I'm and it's seen with either graves or raisins and there's all kinds of theories out there is that something neat in the fruit itself is it's some kind of pesticide residue. No one is really sure. I kind of wonder if that is something pesticide because it seems like something that's changed with time but I don't know if it's just. He knows something where we finally picked up on this but it it it's. Then the answer is I don't know but no one knows that yet I hope it's something we figure out. But because it's pretty scary and the terrifying. Thing is that when you see the animal eat the raisins or grapes menu we can deal with it before you see any signs. But it you know if you if you see clinical signs of kidney failure at that point it's this it's almost too late you're really shouldn't behind me on there. And so you know we've been getting treatment for your pet early end to come and quick is really the safest way to keep them healthy. But then. HM chocolate bars local citizens and luckily we got him Q are prominent CO ST ER and then he will not try to beat their purposeful two days straight perfectly had Jimenez okay. Jack has that the reason scare me more than the chaplain honestly can't. You know but it's sometimes is good at the reasons and chocolate is like you sent an end it's bachelor Brad you and so luckily it. You knew to be concerned yes. Especially I I just started working and Vieri CU six months ago and my second day at work I brought my own dog and a treating a reason colonel mark so. I'm probably so we know we all have this personal experience to us so often times people ask us what we would do if it's her own dog with Alan you know. Can get the first ten to. Response there I am my dogs have been in about twice saying. For an effective without keeping an in my home again as with kids in my house it's just all too often unlike. All the dogs eating a piece of Brenda Thelma for Al that's raisin bread great. Everybody barking and I'm just tired of it so I'm just kind of stopped buying reasons because. I realize with kids running around and dogs running around I I just I can't watch them well in its. Syria we have a policy now no chocolate reasons while out in the house yeah that's. Yeah I could be careful who they're sneaky. Could come we talk a little bit about the differences in chocolate though because he had said wait. Chocolate covered reasons break technically isn't really truthfully chocolate Headley is the toxicity component and then there's obviously differences between now and dark yeah I mean basically the the darker the chocolate the more cold early in the chocolate. The the more dangerous it is the more potent it is and definitely the smaller the Dodd and the more affected it's gonna have a month it's definitely F. A dose to base things so you know we see a little your sleep in your keys that gotten to some Baker's chocolate or something like that you know we're pretty concerned. You know the lab that eats the milk chocolate Hershey's barred. Q where were less concerned that basically. It's always good to you know call your veterinarian or the pet poison control. Animal poison control ASPCA has found a pet poison control. And they will actually. Say you'd tell them how many ounces or how many chocolate bars or whatever and that's their way to your pet and though I actually figure out. The dose of chocolate. Found and they'll figure out you know how concerned you need to be much stuff seemed to go from there so there are resources out there. If you're just not sure do I need to bring them and how weary doing need to be. You know you can call your veterinarian or an animal poison control Thailand is BCA hasn't how wonderful a wonder there is a charge for it because they're basically. No one else is paying them I'm happy. And so you know there isn't there is a charge for that service but it's a wonderful service. And they give you a lot of good information and and and how the out. Ten just as we're talking about specialists before. That that toppling the you would call with ASPCA. It has veterinary toxicologist is a fair they're specialists in talks often on toxicity is. So I think the phone number here which he had just because you've mentioned that doctor Curtis and I think it's Smart tell us shared with everybody so it's 888. Four to six. 4435. And there's a 65 dollar fee so when you call they're gonna ask them for credit card number you can give that's common they can go through whatever and that and this is for anything you know people have medications at home that fall on the ground they're gonna ask you what the medication is how many capsules or tablets were even. And to be quite honest for everybody out there listening if a patient comes in. That eat something a little bit more exotic and I know and all the emergency doctors we will actually. I'm called them and we open a case report with the toxicologist. Because as things go on if we need help in treating. He's a the experts that we reach out to his while some. Yeah especially with human medications there's there's so many new medicines coming out there. You know your your average veterinarian is just not really going to be able to keep up with all those you know. Com and it this poison control they they log all of these cases. You know we'll sit there and tell you all we had. We have one cat that had you know ten times that knows for seven days and this is what happened to this one cab I mean they log every single case. Found that they get and they kind of compile all of this information and so. It's a huge. Very important resource for us. But thank you for bringing up a topic because they're great when you're out yeah right I mean there's so many things that dogs get into a lot of people don't realize when they should or should not be concerned about a from ten to. Enjoy your show I love your show my congressman from California usually from your area it's awesome awesome and I'm gonna be moving back there hello my father who's still end up looking toward that so I really enjoy your show and also keep your loved. Absolutely and thanks for listening in and keep calling with great questions we really appreciate them. I. Think James. I just got a few more minutes do you have any how lasts. I know that we took some calls and you were talking and I have panicked look this is any sort of things for people with cats just serve remember or think about. I am. I mean it just with with them turning yellow in general. You know just kind of what we think that when we see yellow cast. And so what John this really think about the liver but I think it can also be from Anemia so. If I a lot of red cells are destroyed in the body by parasites solar the immune system or something like that. It actually releases that Billy Ruben out of the red cells. And I can cause them to be yellow so it's something we would always need blood work first on a yellow cab to kind of go are we going for live very going before the liver. I'm and then after that point. The question is it liver gallbladder. Common so really he know the only way to truly known Amazon and down the ultrasound. And where we would be looking forward. This will look the gallbladder look inflamed are there gallstones does it obstructed. Is it obstructed by a tumor buying new casino what is going on. And and then you know if if it's we may be able to take it. Sample of the liver with ultrasound where we're looking for cancer were looking for this fat in the liver to diagnose fatty liver. Of course it's a gallbladder obstruction or gallstones and often and sending them to you know call. Heading into the afternoon no matter. You know just first surgical intervention to. See what we can do to remedy the problem. And or maybe even taking some biopsy yes and then liver biopsies are often needed in the case what I think and I can certainly be the one that can be accused of this if you haven't chubby cat my cast aside I can't. But if fossil teases me he is he's legend. If legend. You know if you had a Chevy caddy who stopped seeding I mean you know even if CNN what you think is a normal size cap. Cast are actually not they're the true is just carnivores they need lots of proteins or they don't eat. Per day or so that's not something to sort of just let. That go definitely seek some medical advice. And it doesn't take but just a little bit of time for them to start getting really second. Mean what doctor Ferguson's talking at once they turn yellow that's that's. Huge indication that it's gone. You know I'm little and another man quit picking at six I have. Many people are scared of feeding tubes and then there's so many people who don't wanna take them out once they're in their cap his many. That is not easy especially. Moscoso. Thank you for joining us today Hudson especially mats with the doctors of the men and air for an emergency center. Where are always available in our clinic. Stop by here Collison by 705877777. Animal will be here I'm February 21 at 10 AM for the next show. Talk to than everybody takes care.