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Dec 13, 2014|

Saturday December 13, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time to talk pants and specialty events. With the doctors from veterinary referral and emergency center in clarks summit. You can call it would be your questions. 57088300. And I mean. Or 1804370098. And now the ads and specialty events on WYAOK. Good morning you're listening to have had some specialty events. Doctor Rachel Graham tired of the veteran air Furlan emergency center. I'm here with doctor Brittany gross for my emergency department and doctor Ian Ferguson from our internal medicine department. At the REC we are at 24/7. 365. Emergency in referral hospital located. Consent Pennington township we have several specialties including emergency internal medicine. Surgery neurology. Cardiology. And nuclear medicine. You can find us online and VR ECPA. Dot com and FaceBook and Twitter at Vieri CPA. Couple announcements before we get started and certainly throughout the show will be taking your calls and questions as well. We wanted to welcome a new addition to our sit through our hospital. Dirt in braking is going to be our news staff manager police and soon. Also wanted to announce that we have I received a 24000. Patient at VI REC if that was on Monday December 8. I was a dog winning TV or something and talk further about. DDB since I gestured dilation involve Gillis where the stomach flips over and this requires emergency attention and there. Agree but thankfully we're happy to report that he is doing great. It is great to be here and be part of our community come and we can this dvd further. How law we leave for calls to come in miss doctor gross or doctor Ferguson wanted chime in at any point only concern needed to. Oh who threw things further. And I think I'll just jumping ahead akin to just comment about doctor crayon right now you might hear a little screaming in the background. That's doctor trail is little sign sound and so if you're here wondering if doctors are humans here we have a prime example. She's the mother and a surgeon and I'm just you know and an all around great doctors so I think he's done so let's just get you know tea and explain what you hear in the background I don't feel arms he's. It's just happy Travis. Positive going to a little bit about the study it was in my mailbox cern and is he was Irish and he came man in the middle of the night pretty late and on Monday. And what the owners have reported is that at home he loses restless seemed uncomfortable couldn't settled and then started attempting to vomit I was just renting and not producing any thing they were Smart enough to know to have and then evaluated by a veterinarian in the middle of the night that's where our emergency department is always available. Honda emergency doctor quickly realized what was going on and diagnosed his condition. Did some. Tests to confirm it also started him on treatment immediately. Men after diagnosing it was acts raising getting him started on the IV fluids and other treatments quickly got him to surgery where I. I do know they had to come in went into surgery. Turn your stomach that. They send a comment this is on the doctor Grossman probably do a little odd in the emergency side of things and then the quickest and ended the quicker we can get them to surgery and get them treated really does help their prognosis and kind of left. The mother of all Americans. Uses solid. I don't been into it and go over the logistics of how a case like this might work. I'm so basically out her hospital we have the emergency veterinarians and staff's there 24 hours a day every day of the year. I'm into that emergency service is around the clock to determine what the emergency is and determine if a specialist needs to be seen. Our specialists are there Monday through Friday. And not. Not there are just hanging out on the weekends and so but they are on call if we do need to aid in to have them come in for a particular emergency. So in this instance. How was a dog that came in in the middle of the night so in the wee hours of the morning her emergency doctor. Diagnose like doctor Chris said diagnose the GDP. And then called in the surgeon who was there. And and ready to go to surgery right away so. You know we're really everyone's really an emergency service in that respect where everyone's able to kind of jump to action. And you know when we need to fall. And I think that's a -- one thing dimension is that you know we do have an emergency and the doctors available all the time and they thinking contact. As surgeon if need be or an internist if need be com RE ER docs really are the specialists in surgery but if they need an internist Salinas surgeon. Making called eminent actually making column neurologists as well since we have our MRI available 24/7 as well for those type of emergency use. I'm. So yeah I think will be you know you could hear we could talk endlessly about what we do but I am really we're curious to hear if you have any questions out there. I'm so looks like the phone number that you can call and is 570. 830098. The other phone numbers a 1800 number it's 1800. 4370098. Or you could you can just text talk to 99404. Ten we'd be happy to hear. If you have any questions. And and get with up to hear from you. And Holley weigh in on calls one thing I was I was agreement can discuss this is is this time a year you know some holiday hazards that are pet skiing get a until I know. On the emergency side of things you probably see a lot of things around the holidays in particular that that dogs and cats can get into that people may not always relay as are dangerous but actually can be not only dangerous but in some cases life threatening. Great guest so. Dogs are pretty predictable they can't tell you what's wrong. As far as you know using their. Their voice let down there pretty predictable and we do see a lot of seasonal emergencies and so. We just had Thanksgiving into how we get quite a few dogs that got into the the Thanksgiving Turkey. I'm sometimes we see it in the Wallace Thanksgiving Turkey still has the meat on the bones voter I'm taking a picture doing. You know whatever they're they're being made you know stop looking other dogs for a little bit and those dogs can get into the Turkey. Alternatively you'll probably see a bit more is the aftermath so a few days after. Thanksgiving the dogs get into the trash into getting to the bones and and you know we deal with emergencies afterwards as far as. You know upset. I'm GI tracks or vomiting and diarrhea and then it as far as the actual bones in dealing with some obstructions in their GI tract. And just does the Christmas trees are going up lamb was talking to someone just the other day and they didn't realize how dangerous things like ten solar garlands can be fair pats. Common in dogs and cats that something that they for whatever reason will end jazz and making 'cause quite a problem in their digestive tract if they are two obstructed. I can be an emergency can require surgery. Two in order to relieve that instruction you'd think something like tinsel may not be such a big deal. Other than dog or cat or eat in a word get caught up in their intestines and Henderson the right spot. I could be a life threatening issue for them. We see cats shine a whole life during thing aired during Christmas with all the ribbon it's just. Halo they and they just you know need to you want and need to swallow it so that's. Saw something to keep in mind if you get cats make sure you if you keep a close eye on your ribbons I remember two years ago we had a dog commend. And they actually thought that it had eaten the baby Jesus out of. And I'm really disappointed in because it wasn't city such an okay. I would like if there's a baby Jesus and his dog's stomach for that to my across NASCAR. But sadly now phenomena they found the baby Jesus some. He was safe and sound. This miracle. London and I am. Everyone and I really is is a doctor Ferguson does add to keep ability when there are certain foreign objects in stomachs. I she does have the capability of going in with her and the scope and removing them going in through the mouth with those specialized camera and instrument and not necessarily in every case needing surgery. So it's a great way to see in some instances avoid surgery when these things that they shouldn't go to work every case that's another hour. In every case that you know will we know that it happened shortly ago we know it's in the stomach and that we can easily get it out safely get it an NL. Without any wary. It's always nice to save them. Having you know surgeries so they don't have an incision to recover from the usually go on the same day. So quick and easy for them up and the fun ones are dogs that we know what they or the ones they glow on experience so. I recently had a 1 that I am not came in through ER dog that he does a bottle cap was out of a protein does decide to swallow bottle cap we took an X ray we saw exactly what we're dealing with things. I'm doctor Ferguson had an out in about an hour so. Come visit her warning cases where we know exactly what we're fishing port. And salute ending is never surprises really is from the surgery side like dogs will lead actor remaining as. One of the talkies and I never heard MM has not a dog they gonna end in himself and in trouble and was that a great demon and I think yeah we 130 pounds discrete dean and petty in over forty saw. So the owners came and just knew that the dog had been vomiting every once in awhile four of the past week or so. And we took an X ray and of course Sox kind of blend in with the soft tissue in the muscle and in a dog. You know I had mentioned about a bottle cap though wolf hello good low Mason raid on an X ray but. And our socks and Drayton my muscles but we didn't didn't know that the stomach was full some things. Took the animals to surgery and recovered about forty socks that says the family was missing and didn't know there are missing not tire blew me away and a bit more than the nuggets open. Absolutely now police are pretty Colin as sector grows and our winning on some calls by Simmons zero Ev3 009. Need. I'm sorry 1043700. And I need and of course you don't wanna calling feel free to text talk 1099404. And so we do this you know this saws more radio show. Twice a month. We are at the hospital every day. 24 hours a day our doors don't close and so if you do have an emerging. See in the middle and laying you're not sure if the signs or something that your animal is showing the signs or something that should be seen by and that. You can always give us a call we do have technicians that I can answer your questions. And there are specially trained in knowing whether it's something that should be seen or something that could potentially wait. Until the morning to CBC mayor primer event on our phone number at a hospital. Because if I think is worth saving in your phone to say we're on quick dial especially if you do have animals and animals that are accident prone. The phone number and it the veterinary referral and emergency center is 570. 5877777. And C can give us a call keep you have questions there about your head and I'm you know he's if you think they should be seen or not. Me absolutely. They had just a mention as holidays come around and then says these come out in everybody's got their their food and and family around some foods and they can also be you know dangerous very animals I think a lot of people who know things. Like chocolate can be dangerous a lot of people seem to know grapes and raisins can be very dangerous to dogs. But there are others of foods that they can be dangerous that now and not everyone always thinks of things like onions and garlic I'm academia Nazi doll that so and so is always why is to make sure that when there is food out especially around the holidays. To keep an eye on the pets and make sure they're not getting into something that they shouldn't I don't know if there's any others Aiken thing got it on the top of the list of a dangerous foods to avoid. I think one you know thigh is is compost and moldy food and so that's one that. Not necessarily. You know any any food can potentially be turned into a dangerous foods or reason to take out the garbage more often and how that compost pile. And an area where the dogs can't get to it now but what we see when animals get into those both compost and anymore these foods is that says. The the multi product forms something called I am I'm Michael toxin into it and we see animals just tremor ring into. Are often they're not able to stand there just hammering so bad end. Comments so that's you know emergency that we deal is actually pretty frequently. It's amazing how quickly can turn them around him. God that is really not doing well and with streaming on emergency team and have them right back to normal in no time and it's pretty amazing. I'm I also wanted to mention. A lot of people know that they can give their pets. Hydrogen peroxide come to induce vomiting but I do not ever recommend doing that without getting a veterinarians advice and there's a couple of reasons for that. Some things you actually do not want them to vomit so's son toxins are actually political cost stick meaning they're gonna irritate the surfaces. They're mucous membranes or they can produce gases. That they can inhale and cause pneumonia. Com or just severe irritation so sometimes vomiting is not that I DN cases like that. I'm certainly depends on the status of the peace and as well but I think also what a lot of people don't realize is hydrogen process is not about nine product. It actually works by irritating mucous membranes. So we've actually had actually. Heard of dogs that the owners just kept giving it because they weren't vomiting and then they just start vomiting blood. Because the tissues become so irritated so I just don't want people are they thinking hey this is something I have on the house it's very safe to give. You know just give it be safe rather than sorry but I always check with your veterinarian before you get something to a packed. Absolutely and I think that's one thing to be aware of is that in the emergency department they have medications that are safe and that they can use it in a controlled fashion. And it controlled environments. 44 pets and then you know to be an amphibious supervised it. The bombing if that's the correct thing to be doing ten in the big differences that like doctor Ferguson mentioned. Hydrogen peroxide works it makes an animal vomit by irritating the stomach that's the mechanism of action you could say. The medications that we given the hospital is a medication that it goes right into the vein and it triggers or sector in the brain. To induce vomiting so it it doesn't irritate the stomach I'm in essence like hydrogen peroxide can into the. Then if you can't get in touch with your veterinarian how you can always call it poison control I'm and that's also are really important number and always have on hand. And the one that we use is the phone number is 888. Four to 64435. That's 888426. 4435. And that's the ASPCA. Pet poison control. They do charge a consultation fee but they make a case number. And they're willing to work with your veterinarian to recommend you know treatments. Prognosis that calculate the dose for you. There is a seed but they do a lot Florio so it really is worth it especially. With human medications and things like that there there may not be much information. On how pets react to it but they kind of have this huge database. Swear they collect all this information and compiling and they really are the experts. When something happens like that absolutely amount of the holiday specialists there too with their yeah veterinary toxicologist so just as we have they internists and I'll surgery in neurology all specialists there. There veterinary toxicologist say they've been trained in. He knowing in knowing exactly what those. Come the risks are with certain things so it's it's that we use those veterinary toxicologist ourself as well. And I think we're gonna announce guy take a break we'll be back shortly and we can talk further but feel free to call in the meantime. With any questions you might have for any event here. You were listening to pets and specialty vets the with the doctors from veterinary work for a living emergencies centering clarks summit. On double BYOK. Hello as is doctor retook Correia back and had some specialty beds a doctor reading grows back. The honorary Spaniard is take your calls about any animals are there any questions you might have. Come on every break we were just talking about some some additional things we can talk about and in the and in particular not only. Home remedy is very went on these things but also potentially home remedies for things like wounds and home first dated. People often look times will call or attempt to treat and pets wounds. At home I'm on their own end. And one thing we always want to mention is we really recommend that you have the death animal evaluated by an interning in rather than trying to treat a wounded home. I'm people often hamstring using such as per oxide but from surgeries him and if she would do not recommend pouring her oxide on the wins. I'm posing sometimes people attempt is attempts to bandage wounds at home and an improperly placed bandage can be a very dangerous thing and actually cause more harm then good. So anytime your pet has a wounded so is best to have a veterinarian look at it. Rather than attempting to treated at home by yourself. And I think one big difference between animals and humans. Is that. The animals will lick themselves you know when you put any topical product on a wound on the animals is gonna go right for that and down. And so often times you know it is along with seeing this the subject that it it does do more harm than good because then you not only have an animal with the wounded but then you have an animal has ingested. I'll product of some sort and some will cause mild GI signs like vomiting diarrhea but then there are some that that actually can be toxic to animals and you know so the longer would be the least of your worries at that point. Pence singles with bandages you know. We were just talking about having to scope. And the GI tract the stomach and intestine or stomach and having to have the surgery if things get lost in the small intestines the last thing you want is for a dog to. In just the bandage him you know when he's trying to get it off. And then having to go to surgery to then retrieve at bandage and so. Com dogs like smelly things they like things on the bus and the body to be you know they like to let them off so. Some you know you can avoid all that I just having them scene and found him how to haven't done right the first time and com targets and it takes the dog back contract and he'll. Absolutely. Comments here saying we do have a FaceBook page is on Twitter account it's BR ECPA you can go on to our FaceBook or Twitter page and and see some patients that we've had some happy stories. Com comments are always welcome there as well as conductor Ferguson recently had a a patient who's got some pretty adorable feet pictures up on our FaceBook little Al eight. Kind of nice chat about. More. Yeah Alley came back for her recheck in her Christmas sweater and I just did not prison sentence of senators because it was just suit. Too cute and ridiculous. It is it. And alleys and an interesting case so. She had it. Seen her veterinarian Hahn because her owner noted that she was drinking a lot of water home and she was. Drinking so much water that she was actually having accidents in the house which had never been a problem rallies she's a thinker of hi I'm so they brought her in to you know see what was going on in her banana and ran some blood work and you know found that she wasn't diabetic she didn't have kidney disease. But some of turf club where changes were consistent with a disease called Cushing disease which is apple we're active adrenal glands. And so they did a special blood test to measure her steroid levels and I found that indeed she did have Cushing disease. But that the test wasn't definitive as for the type of Cushing disease. The so there to kind of major types of Cushing disease and a most common. And the one is. Kind of a benign type where. That the pituitary gland which is kind of your boss hormone glands go a little bit crazy how. And they make your adrenaline in your steroid hormones and all kinds of hormones. That the the to a teary just tells them makes steroids make steroids. The Fed doesn't tell them never stop. Found the other type is where they actually get a tumor on one of those adrenal glands. The soul that you know tumors don't do anything they're supposed to do they do whatever they want so then the tumor comes just goes crazy and makes lots of staring hormone. So she came to see meet for an ultrasound. And we apple formed and I'm Donald ultrasound and Alley and we found was that. Her right Andrea plan very large an abnormal head on her left adrenal gland was kind of shriveled in small and kind of you know had given up. Because it didn't really have anything to do with the other one making so many hormones it has kind of shut off. So we knew that you know that was the issue and that. Removing that adrenal gland would be the thing to do. On the we also noted on Alley. That she had an abnormal gallbladder Hahn so there's a condition called a gallbladder immune concealed which is kind of a fancy word for saying that. Mean by mail in those in the gallbladder just kind of turns into a mucus blobs around so it actually gets thicker and thicker and thicker until it can't pass anymore. Men if if that goes untreated. It eventually will get worse and worse and rupture. And no one really knows you know if it starts with an infection and are are why this develops we certainly see it in certain breeds shell sees animals common. But we definitely know that it is strongly linked to endocrine diseases like type both Irish ism and pushing says he's. And the treatment of choice for this is actually surgery. No medical therapy has been proven to work so we sometimes try and when we don't have any other option. But for a rally we knew that she needed surgery anyway so. We recommended that you know we go in and remove both the gallbladder and the adrenal gland. Both pretty big surgery easy pass unless somebody in oh this is what surges guilt. You know certainly. Very tricky areas. McAleese sealed rate through it just perfectly fine. And we saw her for her recheck and her dad couldn't be happier she is no longer drinking urinating everywhere she recovered just fine she's bouncing playing. Wearing her reindeer sweater just gonna have a great Christmas stuff. And so that was a nice when hound because you know the owner did a great jobs saying something's wrong. Her veterinarian did a great job thing Allan is going on and sending her for more information. I'm you know we were able to suit to figure out some things that wouldn't have ever been no without ultrasound. And then our surgeons were able to take care amendment and essentially she's she's pretty much secured. And now that adrenal tumor. Could it couldn't you know come back comments some other area but most the time those adrenal tumors acts pretty benign. Not so you know we will probably monitor her every now and then with ultrasound and accessories to see if she has any evidence of cancer in the future. But I hope that she doesn't sound and for now she's feeling great sound so that's how important Casey. Yes he's really doing much you'll wanna look at. Right looks like group might be getting a call on Wayne for the succumbed thrill. Feel free to call any time as he said buys 70883009. ER 80437. 00 and I need. See if we ever call here or just one moment. Higher calling pets and specialty event you're on the air. Perhaps we just thank my the last film can. All right well feel free to call back and we can certainly answer any questions you may have breaking it text anything to us it's 99. For Sierra forests and number and you just text talk. So let's see Amanda guns back again. Hi your calling spit pets and specialty that's your on the air. Hello. Hello you're on the year calling pets and specialty nets go ahead. I late flurry of restraint and I'm. I guess the question I'm gonna what makes the dog's stomach slip through what's typically to undergo surgery to expel. Sure sure I don't know I can certainly say from the surgeries side of things what we do wins surgery is he going in the first step is his support the stomach back into the normal position most often believe there on the stomach will make L 180 degree flip into the norm abnormal position. Says he can imagine that causes a lot of trouble not only is their digested tracked now king dog but he can affect the the blood vessels in that area they quickly go into shock so the first step Laura put the stomach back into the normal position if you assess is the stomach healthy enough to leave it in place or do we need to remove a portion of the stomach. Sometimes we do need to remove a portion of the stomach and they can do just fine even with missing a part of the stomach. Let me go look at their spleen which is an Oregon right in that area sometimes the spleen needs to be removed as well depending on how it looks. Thankfully. That dogs can live a normal happy healthy life without a spleen common with our finished with surgery what we do is we stitch the stomach to the inside of the body Waltz to prevent it from flipping over again common that is something that in. Breeds that that are produced pre disposed to having this condition. At the time of the spay or neuter we can actually do we call a prophylactic gastric exe or preventative least it's the stomach to the inside the body well. To avoid this problem in the future and matter of doctor gross of you wanna talk about some some of their more common piece in DC or risk factor is tough for for having a GD named. Shares so that the typical dog is just kind of under the umbrella term has come deep chested or barrel chested. Dog and so the breeds that that includes are they great Danes. Seem Bernard some boxers are so the dogs have a a kind of a wide spot testing so basically what that allows forest just potential space for those. For the stomach to flip and severed that Thomas the stomach come towards the mouth is you know this the esophagus that's than the next portion of the GI tract. And then blowing kind of downstream from the stomach is a small intestines. And so it's basically you know it. Flipped. Tom with respect to that those two different parts of the GI tract. So the took a dog that comes in when we when we see a deep tested dot com and the typical complaint is dog it's stretching so trying to vomit. Thumb but not producing anything in the reason is because the calm the stomach is twisted and met me no no no food or. Thorny things allowed to go from the stomach up and to them to vomit. Also got the dogs dredging. The owners might notice that the dog kind of has a distinction of their stomach of their abdomen. And what that is is the stomach just filling up with gas. And and not having any escape so they they kind of how batters to a need to vomit and com and are going through the motions of vomiting but nothing is being produced so I'm. Also I think that's far and away the the number one thing that we saw sea dogs stretching. And then they didn't feel absolutely crummy and and say they're just not willing to move into index. And typically the owners describe as that happening all of a sudden so the dogs out there running around sometimes even our Iran and then the dog just freezes and won't move and you know people did you know it is something that we see sometimes when dogs are out on the run into. Come out running with the owners into you know they need to go get a car and bring the dog to the hospital just because I thought refuses to move so it's. They're very act of Q episode is. And I would tell us tell the typical tough progression that we see. Cracked yeah I'm with you know slowly or anything else you can do to prevent that. Yeah I mean no one really knows why it happens that we you know there are recommendations that we have certainly eating slowly is good if you have a dog that just inhaled this food. Tom C can get those bulls would have pegs in no matter what ever it is to try and sold them down. Some people believe soaking the food helps. So that it's a little but then bush here when they eat it. But it definitely do one employee aid. Defeating them around exercise is still fear want to guy gets up and runs your dog a mile in the morning I wouldn't feed them breakfast as soon as you get home you know what I'm kind of calm down relax just as we do know that with exercise there is decreased blood flow to the GI tract so we don't want us. CNN GI tract that doesn't have good blood flow. But other than that we don't really know why it happened to those are just kind of some risk factors that we do how look at but. Com did it's a weird thing I had an announcement. I. And that isn't a risk factors yeah there's a litter mate this had my GDP episode. Then you know we definitely should be on the radar into and really the way I intend to make sure it doesn't happen is to have that. That Tex he earned. When an animal Stater neutered in its advocates and big breed dog. To have the stomach cut taxes. To the inside of the body while standard Poodle start now the big and I've seen a lot has remember number one cousin Matt yeah. The only black teens but I think I fit Seymour standard candles that had just repeat trouble with it sounds like a lot of I could do that at the time bonuses and getting spayed or neutered if I did stints that stomach to the inside of the body long prevented you then turn into a life threatening condition that unfortunately none every dog makes it through you with surgery and has about a 30% mortality rate Colorado becomes a very expensive emergency is so that's something we could prevent an every Dodd. Sir Harry would one Sosa hits it's always something to consider if you have a dog or breed that's predispose. And a Miniature Schnauzer I'm urgently and he's a can anybody well and are now do you do ours is up against all I have to do a little bit senate and I'm I'm that he eats too quickly he does stir it up so. I just did not that great this problem to the. Now they. Are you know making any slow for his third of the medical condition is definitely a good idea you know I can't ever seen a Miniature Schnauzer that is ten AD DB the smallest one I've ever seen is that a cocker spaniel but that was. Very very rare and that we all ones and Guinea pig but that was only one. Why are these large breed dogs think in a small enough and bill of their own set of issues but not our common to have the DDB's so I think we're eating and as you are is probably a good idea and in those big dogs that do inhale their food. Finding ways to slow them down is another great way Celine on the eating and the water it consumption dogs that inhaled large amounts of water. Could be set up for something like a GDP. All right we'll thank you so much for calling me an exciting. But I have a great day Maria at the bayou. Are. All right we're gonna take a break and we'll be back shortly feel free to call in in the meantime he'll listen to pets and specialty vets. Basically his pants and special leave that site with the doctors from veterinary referral and emergency center in clarks summit. I'm on double BYAOK. Hi you're listening to pets and special team that's we're going to be on for about another fifteen minutes taking your questions as you have so many veterinarians are. Early questions feel free to give us a call. 57083009. Needs we're just steady embrace about some other issues that. Said dogs and they didn't pets can and then we actually had a call but I don't see the caller on the line anymore so feel free to call back on but it didn't have to do with urinary issues is who I am being told and there's certainly a plethora of urinary issues that the dogs and cats can present web Simon doctor Ferguson recently had a patient. I'm who is presenting fervor just that type of issue. Well she's really one of our very favorite patience but I don't have time. I didn't ask her mom if I could talk about saint think about so I won't say her name. In the shoe but whenever absolute favorite Asian SS and every time she would come CS she answering her little toy with her. To stay with her in the cage to she loves her little toy. But she is actually. A little diabetic died. So we're very familiar with her because we've been managing her diabetes for a long time. And it she didn't have gotten a bladder stone com. That what she wasn't really showing any signs Herman soak. I'm glad it wasn't being treated but recently she did start having some issues where she had some accidents in the house which was not like her. The so she did. You know she. Has a wonderful that who it did kind of a brief little tryst down instead you know something doesn't look great I'm really wary of you know why don't you get an ultrasound of the specialist. Because this could be cancer hound because we certainly do see. Bladder cancer. The causes severe thickening in the wall can cause. Kind of urinary tract infections signs. Blood in the urine straining discomfort things like fast so. Sometimes people just think look Siri tract infection comment no actually get better with antibiotics a lot of times because they get a secondary infection minutes until it keeps happening. That we start to realize maybe there something more serious. And if so how she came to see me. And of course we're all very worried because we love her very much. About what they are going to find. Fumble luckily what we found is that she had more bladder stones than she had previously. And they were just really enlarged and the thickening and hurt urinary bladder all. Mom was just a really really angry Blatter wall because mild inflammation and discomfort that the stones were causing. Thomas so we got a urine samples fairly hound to submit for culture. And basically the planned. Is to get her stones removed so that she can be comfortable again because. You know before when they were causing her any any signs we kind of left it alone because she had so many other problems that we are trying to manage. But her diabetes is so well regulated she's been doing so great analogy is a stern Kaiser issues. How we actually wanna take care of those sounds so should be coming back to CS for surgery. I think in a couple weeks I don't know if they scheduling anything they said. Over the holidays. She'll be in town for that. So we're looking toward to seeing her again honestly. Then but. Now we're just really glad it was something that we can treat links as we are very worried. And that's you know just because a dog or cat is is having accidents in the house hearing meaning it. It's not our business clearly in just a behavioral problems and little thing goes they're angry they're mad about something. It could very we'll Welby M medical condition that's causing him not only bladder stones Eric. Fino in the said he's the bladder tumor. Could be a bladder infection in both dogs and cats on and one thing in particular is that as a dog or cat cannot you're gonna need that is another emergency their doctor gross deals with a lot. Calmed some people leniency would have a dog or cat is straining to hear any in not making any here and that is an emergency to be evaluated and figure out what is causing them to not be able to urinate I'm in cats in particular we see that a lot. Common insists the condition every car F five C year. Feline Indio path exit stallion SN com. The reason there are a lot of reasons that happens a treatment is the same across the board. And there are some surgical options as well that I noted actor is the nearly daily breeze is there weekly basis at least is seeing these cats pumped and they do require emergency attention. Yeah I think the body's systems that we know arm are things that need to be seen as an emergency so we know that. Power you know I guess the general public is aware that when there are heart issues or issues with the long sore very severe wounds we know that's an emergency. Somebody at a new one I you know let all the listeners know that there can be urinary issues that can be you know absolutely life there and being so attack seventeen. I and that sooner rather than later can really be the difference between you and yours you know your your carried out surviving. I'm and so one of the most common. Life threatening side illnesses we see actually occurs in male cats is the most common and male cats and usually those. Ages between two and a five years old so male cats kind of younger. Younger cats we see it. Comes. And where they get a jury troll obstruction and so what that is is the passage way home from the Blatter before the animal your needs. There's just a passageway called the your re throwing in a male cat it's it's longer than in business female cat and it's also. Quite a bit more narrow. And just can be no because of that anatomical difference they heard mark breast for having instruction in that in that passage way. And to when an obstruction occurs. Let the kidneys don't know it into the kidneys keep making hearing and the water keeps filling up with hearing but then the the animals not able to avoid that here and and that it causes kidney is tired or just in the urinary system is just such a complex system that it regulates acid base in the body regulates electric lights. Tom hated excrete toxins so. I'll win animals aren't able to get that urine out of their body come we really see some really severe changes into one of the most life threatening us that. Electorally that are supposed to be excrete it out of the body in an animal come builds up and and actually. Goes on to affect the heart. And the heart has electrical activity which is all maintained by the electric lights from the body. And so when that electric lights are off balance because the urinary system isn't working. You know it it really can be. Carty a Toxics and meaning non life threatening to with a heart. Costs of that the typical cat and like I mentioned as a male cat ages two to six or so. Com that's neutered and the typical signs we see are the cat going in and out of the litter box a lot of times straining to hear any kind of vocal rising fuel pretty clunky. And sometimes they will vomit just because they are so long comfortable. Com and a lot of times the conversation I have with the owners once we realized they do have an obstruction. It's just that that you know it did they they didn't realize that it was an emergency and you know an end an emergency. You know the needs to be dealt with immediately and then they can't wait until the next morning when they see their primary that so. You know especially get a cab with those that kind of arm you know that agents are on that predisposition that I mentioned. And you know it's it's definitely reasonable to keep a close eye and take it serious if he's having trouble urinating. Absolutely we do have a call this is Lisa my and Paula business currencies and of the city Emma who can name company. He is calling about a biologically appropriate food. He and you're on the air and. Hi it's the company. Apologize I'm not originally from this area the problem. Because someone you're not our time and eating food god. Biologically appropriate choose. Several companies and when you come to mean Medicaid and I'm fine etiquette and that's. Freeze dried. Foods that are supposedly biologically appropriate I was I think he can get equity any different helped find. I tersely denied not personally I aid you know follow the companies that have years of research to back their food. So I really prefer you know Purina you can you buy hands. I'm science diet just because they do so much research. To make sure that their diets are you know nutritionally appropriate. So what they actually they actually do studies on dogs for ten years where they'll feed on this diet and measure their blood work for years their body mass. You know it's extensively tested Hahn so kind of all these new companies that pop up and say Ole you know. Hey we have our Rachael Ray diet or you know whatever it is. I I just I just don't have the trust and it. As I do you know knowing what other companies due to ensure that their food is appropriate safe about it and giving year pad everything it needs to and that night there are few new. And we know we think of of animals says you know. You know we have we have kind of domesticated salmon in the wild they would be a raw diet. And at some animals do really well on the raw diet but at the same time there are risk factors with feeding animals. Come broad diets. The biggest one being a few if you. You know if any of that raw diet because it has some some pathogens and it like Salmonella or other kind of bacterial pathogens. A lot of times you know and and you know there's a possibility that the animal won't get sick but at the same time it might passing its species. Live bacteria that could that could could then go on in Harlem. Any kids that are in says. You know kids that are working closely with the very you know round. Todd gill coming having intimate down you're coddling and and you know petting the animals so that has the potential for. Spreading those pathogens on too you know kids are aiming a compromised. Family members and I think that's a big risk factor that comes to mind with fraud diet even if it is safe for the animal or even good for the animal. I do have to take notes keep aware of the risk factors in your house. And one of the problems with these food coming is unfortunate there's not a lot of regulation on ensuring that what they say is in the food is actually in America. So really just about anyone can come up with the dog food put a label outing claim to contains certain things. But there's no system regulating where they confirmed that it is actually in there and and in not only enough food but it's something that the dog or cat can actually absorb and benefit from so without those regulations they agree doctor Ferguson that I go for and that the companies that have the research behind it to prove that what they say is in there is actually in there. We can't thank you welcome Henrik and I think and I think on that note make a shout out to the primary care vets that are in the area and you know they just do a wonderful job and says the primary care that serves moved the that veterinarians that are really aware of the data de health of these animals and I think nutrition has really at the beginning of an animal's health so. I think the three of us are probably not especially in that department and so. If you do have questions about nutrition into you know I think that I managed care fats are the ones you know to really direct those questions towards. Yes Shara along those lines you know obesity in pets is a big problem just unfortunately it is in humans then. The primary care events that a lot of them probably a lot of suggestions on things you can do both diet exercise medication wise figure ped is overweight to try and get them to lose weight and live via a live a healthier and a longer life com there are specific diets that are meant for weight loss and we mean ends and it's amazing how much you can prove the dogs quality of life overall health and then actually lifespan. By keeping them and an optimal body condition and not letting them remain herb become overweight. Now that's something that's definitely important to I think also specialty is I know for you know or competing and you think of your as a pig patients you know I think of my diabetic so they're going to be better regulated they have a good body condition. I'm sure you think of some fat Bulldog in him respiratory distress or something like that. That your pets just gonna be healthier all around. Just I mean just as we are but. You know. It is a lot easier to maintain your pet's weight than our own hound you know it's so easy to just measure out what they need I kind of wish sometimes and we. Measure out of it and then cut down the have to scoop and being dead. And you know but for the limit it's pretty easy sell. You know sometimes the pad doesn't wanna cooperate and that and that's the excuse though a lot of people house but it bigger really is worth it as difficult as it may be it's it's more about training yourself. Come especially people littered treat get varies and and tables and chairs it's about training yourself but it really is worth it to your pat. Salute laying. And is not an easy thing you can be very difficult to get laid off of some dogs and cats but there are lots of options and that's where you know if you have questions there in just sit. Talking with hearing your primary care van inane to see see what they're suggestions are and then hopefully get Terry Appel on the road to healthier lifestyle. And we are talking earlier about GDP so we've kind of categorize that as a soft tissue surgery mum realm. Father surgery department also deals with orthopedics quite a bit comes. So did you want it to I guess touch on third orthopedic service sure sure so does so doctors and nova and myself we unload a deal with any orthopedic condition from arthritis. Two things like chip display in our most popular customer would be dead the crew she'll ligament ruptures in the need. And so any time you do you feel your primary care veterinarian feels that there may be something orthopedic or bony going on you know we are certainly available. There is can be had a difficult times and in some cases differentiating between and neurological problem and orthopedic problem thankfully we have our neurologist doctor bill needs. Available we feel it's narrow logic but you don't necessarily need to have here a referral to come to our facility if you just like a second opinion about something and your god. How I feel free to give us a call Tom thanks so much for listening to tell you this just hasn't specialty mess that WI OK. Talks tune in next time and will we can answer any questions you may have about your pets. Thanks so much.